Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday's Entry

I want to take the time on today's blog entry to thank you, my reader! I have had some wonderful feedback from many of you! I am so thankful for every moment you've taken to read my entries and commenting!

I am super excited these days. I have a renewal in my soul and spirit like I've not had in years! I feel stronger than ever! I am going to continue to post blogs about the hilarious and mishaps of our Tribe, my trek as a writer but also I'm ready to open up about some of my thoughts about the journey I've been on the last two years.

So keep reading. Keep coming back and keep commenting (it gives me great energy to keep going!) For those of you who are email subscribers I would invite you to consider adding your comments to the blog itself in addition to the emails you send!

Thanks again to each of you!
I am enjoying this blogging experience and it has a lot to do with you!
Keep reading.....


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