Monday, June 6, 2011

Preparing for Portland

You know -it seems from my experience- that rarely does some connection magically happen.
Usually a series of events brings you to a place where you
meet your future husband
or Bff or
land an interview
or ...

but rarely are we aware that the moment we are in will be directly related to a future happening.

It's only in hindsight that you can see that what we perceived to be random events actually line up to make up something significant in our life.

You could make any number of judgments about me -about this trip to Portland to visit\work\attend Storyline.
Maybe it seems cool\lucky\expensive\a waste\whatever....but you don't know the story behind the scenes:
You couldn't know that I wrote an essay last year to win a chance to attend this conference.
Or that Aaron surprised me with a ticket when I didn't win.
And that I'm staying with a dear friend who I met when
Aaron invited my on a missions trip because
He was considering working with NLI because
Bill recruited him because
He helped train Aaron as a leader because
Aaron choose to intern at Calvary because.....

Random events.
In real time these were seemingly unrelated connections. But now laying under the Portland stars it all connects. Was it destiny?
Was it all a random chain of events?
I'm not certain but I have a feeling its not happenstance.
It feels significant.
It feels exciting.
So may I encourage you today?
May you be reminded that every moment is connected to the next one.
And the one after that. And then the one after that.
We can't know what's down the road but we can be mindful of today.
And maybe today's the day that begins the thing that
you'll start tomorrow and shop for
next week where you'll bump into someone who
can tell you about......

Stephanie Sikorski
"It's all Good!"

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