Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Years Eve Eve

Tomorrow is New Years Eve.
Tomorrow I will celebrate as I've done for many, many New Years. 

But, I suspect, this New Years will be a little different.  For the first time, in a long time, I'm happy for the turning of the calendar. This year I'm not kissing the old goodbye with a raised middle finger and a "Bite me!" attitude, as much as I am opening my arms to embrace the new. I have a sense of hope for the new year. Dread is not my party companion this NYE and that is a good feeling.

New jobs are in store for us this year. And with that who knows what else? New friends? A new locale? Anything is possible.

Anything is possible! I can say that this year with confidence but you should know, I didn't say that last year, or the year before, or even the year before that. 

So! That means things change. Things can change. As they should. As they do. We change: physically, mentally. Jobs change. Friendships change. The day changes to night. The winter to spring. All of it changes.

So to believe "it will never change" isn't true. To get stuck in the dreary disbelief that nothing will ever change, this is how it will always be, therefore I have no hope, isn't true.  At all.  Everything changes and as long as that remains we can always have hope. 

So until you get a New Years eve worthy of a fine celebration, keep looking forward.  Move toward your hopes and dreams. Don't stop. Because things do shift, change will come, and hope doesn't disappoint. 

Bye 2014! Hello 2015! 

True story- the one NYE when I was lonely and feeling friendless is how our Family New Years Eve party began. You can read about it here 

Also, for more on how to get past 2014 check out Donald Miller's post Creating Your Life Plan pdf here:

Saturday, December 20, 2014

43 Year Old Man Graduates while his Wife & 5 Kids Applaud

3 years and 4 months ago my husband returned to college.
Last night we attended a reception and ceremony as he received his Preservice Teaching Award and Summa Cum Laude honors. 
Today he will graduate.
And I, and our 5 children, will don our best garb, charge up the camera and travel to the ceremony.

There I will cry.
Nay, I will weep tears of joy and tears of relief as this journey has culminated into the 
biggest finish line of our adult lives.

I wrote about his decision to return to school here, and everyday since that decision was made, I have done some of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I've humbled myself in ways I never imagined I would. And I watched as others passed over us with their opportunities and their things and their purchasing power. 

While I'd like to say it was a breeze to do what we felt we were supposed to do, I can't. Instead if I'm honest I will tell you there were times it was awful. Taxing. My soul wore thin. A lot. I even, embarrassingly admit that I thought about giving up on the whole notion of supporting this midlife reorganization.
There were times when the words, "Please stop, this is too hard. I was wrong. I can't do this with you" would hoover in my heart, but never could I get the words to fall from my lips.

Don't our dreams deserve perseverance? Wouldn't I want his support if the roles were reversed? And didn't I willingly take his hand in mine and decide to go for it?

If the way through to our dreams was harder than I thought, it wasn't the dream's fault. It wasn't even the road's fault. It was mine. Maybe I didn't have the gumption and bravery to see it through.

My how weak I really am.

Except I'm not. I'm not weak at all.
I'm human.
And it's graduation.
And my baby did it! And he did with honors.

He did it.
We did it.
We made it.

So we're all gonna get dressed up today. And take pictures.
And eat special food.
And laugh.
And cry.

Because we didn't quit.

We did it.

We can do hard things. And, to me, that is exactly  what the title of this blog is about; writing a better story with everyday, every opportunity and every journey. So Baby, let's make this epic! 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Party Parable

(image from here)

For #TBT I found this post I'd written almost 3 years ago. It's not too far of a stretch of our our Annual New Years Eve Party became a tradition at our home.

Also, I've come a long way since 3 years ago.

Original Post: February 2012
It was the most special time of  the year. It was time for the annual Holiday.

People from all over the world gathered with friends and family to have great celebrations on this day. No one worked on the Holiday and children did not attend school. No matter your race or religion, no mind if you were single, married, young or old, everybody looked forward to celebrating the Holiday. There were parties, fireworks, special feasts, many flowers and parades for the Holiday.

But for one woman the Holiday was not going to be very special.
She did not have many friends.
No one sent her Holiday greetings.
No friends invited her to a party.

She had no plans to celebrate the biggest Holiday of the year.
She had no plans to be merry.

Sad that a most important day would pass uncelebrated, the woman developed a plan. Surely, she thought, there must be others like her. Other uninvited people with no plans to celebrate the Holiday. Maybe she mused, she could have a Holiday party and invite the uninvited.

So she sent out the invitations that read:
"If you were not invited to a Holiday party you are invited to my Holiday party. Please bring yourself, your family or any friends you may have who were also formerly uninvited."
Not knowing if anyone would actually come the woman watched anxiously for replies. Each day she would check her box for acceptance letters. At first no one replied to her invitation. Then she received two regrets, "Thank you for the invitation but we have other Holiday plans". Forlorn and sad the woman worried she would have no one with which she could celebrate the Holiday.

Nonetheless, she made preparations for her party. She planned a delicious menu, organized entertainment and cleaned her home preparing for guests she may not have.

Then one day a lone reservation came to her box. And then another. And even another. Before she knew it many different people accepted her invitation. She was thrilled! What an eclectic group of people she would hostess!

When the Holiday came everyone was in good spirits and gathered merrily around food and drink. Men shook hands and women whispered compliments. New friendships were made as the children scurried around nibbling on candies and chocolate cookies. Laughter rang from every corner of the house. The Holiday party of the uninvited was a smashing success!

You see at this party it didn't matter who you were, what you did, where you lived or what you believed. All that mattered was that you were invited. At the party everyone was included and that made everyone happy. Even the woman. For now didn't have just a few friends. The woman was very happy to have many friends.

Luke 14:7-15 "...he went on to tell a story. The next time you put on a dinner, don't just invite your friends and family and rich neighbors, the kind of people who will return the favor. Invite some people who never get invited out, the misfits from the wrong side of the tracks. You'll be -and experience- a blessing with great favor returned on you at the Great Banquet..." (excerpted and edited from The Message)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Menu Monday - 12/15

Menu  Monday!

It's the time in my week where I look at the calendar, take a deep breath, plot, plan and organize the Tribe. I can see we've 3 basketball games, 3 hair appointments, 2 dentist appointments and 2 potlucks to contribute to. And that's just the next 4 days. Wait till this weekend when it's gonna be all super cra-zeee. It is GrAdUaTiOn weekend for the husband o' mine! (more on that special occasion later!)

So it's not fancy this week.
You're not gonna be impressed.
But maybe, just maybe, if you can, you'll remember that even in the hectic weeks, creating space to gather the family around the table together is even more precious! 

Here's what we're eating this week:

Monday - Pigs in a Blanket & french fries
Tuesday - Mozzarella Penne & Garlic Toast (Making it Ahead!)
Wednesday - Pot Roast with Roasted potatoes & carrots, Garlic biscuits & Freezer Corn (Crockpot)
Thursday - Ham & Cheesy Potato Casserole (Making it Ahead!)

Am making my son his 16th birthday cupcakes (now that his mouth is open again)
Ham & Cheese Overnight Breakfast Enchiladas are coming with me to the Office Breakfast
This awesome snack mix went to the Music Boosters Bake Sale

ah! Now - to plan the Christmas Baking!

And check out for her HUGE Menu Monday link-up!

Follow my Tribe-Approved recipes on my Pinterest.
Follow Stephanie Sikorski's board For My Recipe Box on Pinterest.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Menu Monday - Must Knows

It's Thanksgiving this week. All roads lead to Turkey. And Grandma Mac's stuffing. So as I prepare my menu this week I sort have very little interest in
Tuesday or
Seriously, let's just talk Thanksgiving.

So this week for Menu Monday, instead of highlighting my menu I thought I would share with you my secrets to surviving busy weeks.

There's one thing you need to know: OVERprepare
for example:

1. Make more biscuits than you'll eat for dinner. Because if you fry and egg, slap some cheese on it - and maybe some ham the next morning - you have a hot breakfast.

2. Frying hamburger? Make more than you need. Keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks for tacos, sloppy joes, etc in a snap! (I do this with sausage too!)

3. Make your own Yogurt Parfaits the night before. Your favorite frozen fruit + your favorite vanilla yogurt in lil mason jars lined up in the fridge are way easier to take on the fly. Forget the drive-thru.

4. Left over roast? Becomes Stroganoff or Beef n Noodles! and all you have to do is take the time to boil noodles.

5. Use your crockpot! I love throwing chicken breasts in with water or broth and letting it cook all day. Then every recipe in the world that calls for cooked chicken is no problem! Chicken and rice. Yep. Chicken enchiladas. Sure! But always, we serve the chicken the first time as shredded chicken sandwiches. With toasted buns and montery jack cheese? Get in my belly.
visit OrgJunkie for Awesome Menu Plan Link UP!

6. Potatoes. Roasted reds or Yukons are my favorite. But I always make too many. That's because red potatoes quesadillas or omelets? Yes, please. Also, potato soup. 

Seriously, why cook twice? Over cook once and you can spend half as much time in the kitchen later. Every short-cut counts. I hope these tips help make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable too.

Click over to my Pinterest Recipe Box for all my Family's favorites!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Menu Monday 11/10/14

This weekend afforded me the luxury of thoughtful grocery shopping and menu planning. Which is a relief since fall tends to be an active season for the members of our family.
Now, a lull.
Which I appreciate. However, now that some of our activities our coming to an end, that means more family members will be home in the evening for dinner. So, what will this working mom of 5 feed her Tribe? Well check out the menu below - chock full of links - including a link to my favorite Pinterest board For my Recipe Box. That board is full of all these recipes and all the Tribe approved recipes the family has approved!

Whatever your week brings I hope you get a chance to share a meal, swap some stories and nourish your family!

Sunday - Fluffy French Toast with Texas Toast (the flour really does make a nice difference!) with strawberries & whip cream

Sunday Crockpot - because I had leftover roast I tried this Crockpot Homemade Vegetable Stew recipe from Stockpiling Moms. because I tried this recipe I wanted bread to go with it. because I wanted bread, I broke my usual habit of staying out of the kitchen on Sundays. the honey butter alone, made this totally worth the work.

Monday - Crockpot Meatloaf, potatoes, corn casserole & the remainder of the rolls from Sunday. Also, I made a new dessert. I didn't tell my kids it was coconut and they snarfed it up! Check it out on  Stockpiling Moms.

be sure to check out this huge recipe link-up
Tuesday - Meatball Subs (for the kids) & Frisco Melts (made with thinly sliced leftover meatloaf) for the grownups. Served with Onion Rings.

Wednesday - Mozzarella Penne from liluna with Texas Toast from Six Sisters' Stuff and a nice salad.

Thursday - One Pot Chicken Dinner (this is a new recipe to the family. I hope they like it!)

Friday - Pizza Night (we might order out to celebrate - IF my son gets released from the doc to eat!)

Saturday - Haystacks from Taste of Home.

What are you cooking this week? I'd love to swap recipes! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014


My 15 year old son has a big beef with me. He doesn't have a smart phone. He helps with a 10 year old girls basketball league and he informed me that every little girl on that team has an iPhone. 
"Everyone?" I said.  "10 of them", he said. 
He's miffed. The world is so unfair. He's got his fingers crossed that one will find his way into his stocking this Christmas and while I'm still on the fence about that it did remind me about a parenting article I wrote 2 years ago about the struggle of parenting kids and phones. 
I'm posting it for #TBT
Question: How young is too young for an iPhone? I'd love to hear your thoughts:

Modern Parenting

Each generation has its own set of gaps. My daughter, just like I did, thinks her parents are embarrassingly outdated and totally lame.
Wait, do kids these days say "lame" anymore?
Yet no matter how difficult I and my siblings were to our parents, my mom and dad had it easy compared to modern day parents like me. How do I know? Because we had a family phone.
When I was a kid and I wanted to talk to my friends they had to call my house where my mother would answer the phone and ask, "Who's calling?" It was impossible to have a telephone conversation with my friends outside of my nosey parents' realm of authority. Sure I'd stretch the cord (remember when telephones were connected to the wall?) into the hallway and try and get out of earshot but even then no conversation was private. That lack of privacy meant I edited my conversations. I didn't cuss or lie or gossip for fear of being overheard. If I had my mother would have yanked the phone out of my ear and hung up on my friend or worse, picked up the other line to listen in!
Today kids don't use house phones; they have cell phones. Which means it is virtually impossible for parents to eavesdrop. Which means kids don't have to use their filter. Which means there is an awful lot of inappropriateness going on.
For starters, because my child doesn't have to go through me anymore to have phone or text conversations, I really have no idea who she is talking to, when and how much. My mom used to enforce a 'no phone calls after 9:00 p.m' rule. She'd even answer the phone and tell my friends who called too late that I was unavailable. The best I can do now is confiscate my child's phone. And trust me I do. I paid for that phone, I pay for the ongoing service to that phone, I will therefore have 24/7 access to the phone.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Words. Again.

I <3 Rhonna Designs app!

Last week I confessed my love for words.

Let me tell you how I start my work day.... 

Recently I went from a flexible, part-time, one-woman office to a full time, small staff environment. Being a big girl, and recognizing my unique personality traits (thank you Birkman), I anticipated some challenges in the transition.

I mean, of course, there was the demand on my time and learning to adjust family life with my new schedule - which as a mom of 5 kids was intensely stressful. But those are the exterior things. I knew internally - in me - I would have to transition as well. 

So? I turned to words. And my friends.

Some folks journal. Some read devotionals. I collect words. And I wondered if my friends did too. So I asked them to send me their favorite words and I penned, cropped & app'd those words into a journal of my own. Now every morning when I arrive to the office, before the phone can ring, before a request can be made, before I turn on the coffee pot, (gasp!) I read my book.

My book has quotes.
It has scripture.
It has a greeting card my honey sent to me in the mail that says he's proud of me and he loves me.

I took all those words, the love and support of my friends, and made my own book.
A book I read every morning. A book authored by those who root for me. 

So if you're one of the ones who contributed to my book, I can't thank you enough for sharing your inspiration and wisdom. It means so much. To anyone who could use an encouragement read on to see a sample of my morning reading material. 

And if you'd like to apply this idea in any way in your own world. Do It! I got the inspiration from Justin Zoradi, a Storyline blogger. (read his post here)

Words are powerful. Try applying them in some way in your life and perhaps your soul, like mine, will feel the soothing balm a well arranged strand of words can bring.

Here's my favorite quotes from my Morning Book:

Do you have a favorite-get-you-through-a-tough-day quote? Please share! I would love to add it to my book!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Teacher's Tricks are NO Treat #ThrowbackThursday

Remember when......

As I sit this year surrounded by hoards of candy collected during this past Halloween, my heart is grateful. You see, there was a year when the candy bowl was nearly empty before it even got filled. It was one of the scariest Halloweens ever. 

I’ll never forget the time when my son announced that he was done trick or treating despite the fact we had only gone two blocks from home. He looked at me through his superhero mask and said, "I have enough candy. Can we please go home?"

Like all mothers (and lovers of milk chocolate covered caramel) I encouraged him to press on. The weather that year was pleasant and I was sure that he would have a good time once he got into the holiday spirit.

However, as soon as we knocked on one more door he repeatedly insisted that we head home. Distraught we paused on the sidewalk, the revelers passing us by, and I examined him from head to toe. Was he feeling ok? I placed my hand on his forehead. Did his costume pinch or did his feet hurt? No, he assured me, he was quite comfortable. I surmised he must be suffering from a combination of fear and shyness and so I made a deal with him; one more block and if he still wanted to turn back we would.

I had faith that once he saw the candy piling up in his treat bag he would become much more interested and he would press on with enthusiasm. Instead after only a few more tricks or treats, he was done. He demanded with fervor to be taken home and refused to collect one more piece of candy.

I was quite disappointed. I looked down into his bag and my heart sank. Oh, not for him. I spied only a handful of my favorite treats and knew I would have great difficulty pilfering any of them from his bag unnoticed.

You see, I believe in a parent’s appreciation tax on Halloween. I bought and/or made that costume he is wearing. I applied the makeup. I endured the two-hour walk with misbehaving children doped up on sugar in the bitter cold. Certainly, there should be some pay off for me. 

Aren't I the one who makes sure Halloween happens? Shouldn't I be the one who gets a payoff? Lucky for my kids I like chocolate. I can be paid off relatively easily.

So, sadly we returned home. As my son dumped out of his treats on the floor and began to sort through them, I turned on the porch light to accept the lucky devils and witches who were still out on the street trick or treating. Turns out that was a brilliant move as I effectively got rid of all the subpar candy we had collected. I mean one can only eat so many Tootsie Rolls and nobody wants those homemade popcorn balls.

While hoping not to get egged for re-gifting Halloween candy, I turned to notice my little guy sorting and organizing his bounty. Impressed with his initiative and pre-math skills I sat down to join him. And that's when I noticed his piece of paper. He wasn't interested in sorting his candy for the fun of it. He had been given a homework assignment to count his loot.

Instantly I realized why my son cut our trick or treating adventure short. He wasn't sick or scared. He knew the less candy he collected the easier his homework assignment would be.

Which either makes him brilliant or a complete slacker.

All I know is when I look back on that year I shudder remembering how I failed to meet my quota for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Almond Joys, and Carmel Apple Suckers. That self-designated appreciation tax I look forward to each year was more like a chocolate famine. And it was a sad time.

Now years later my little guy is a big guy. At six foot three, he convinced me he should be
See? He's too big to Trick or Treat! 
allowed one more romp around the neighborhood. This very well may have been his last Halloween. Which is sad when I think that my little boy is growing up. It also grieves my heart to think that the days are coming when if I want candy I'll have to go out and buy it myself. The days of pilfering through my kids' bags for the good stuff are numbered. Isn't that the scariest trick of all?

This article originally appears in The Daily Review Atlas as a part of my weekly Practical Parenting series. Stephanie is a mother to five children and is a Parent Educator for the Monmouth-Roseville School District. She is available for personal consultation or speaking engagements. She can be reached at

Fess up ..... you eat your kid's candy too! Right? I'm not the only one?
if you liked this article would you please 

Monday, October 27, 2014

10/27 Menu Monday

I'm using the crockpot this week. And the blender. Sometimes both. Here's hoping jawbone gets a good report at the doctor this week. He's got to be tired of milkshakes. 

The rest of us still need to eat so here's what's the Tribe is eating (with links) this week:

Sunday: Hootinany Pancake and Apple Cinnamon Rolls from YourCupcake

Monday: Maid Rites & French Fries

Tuesday: Roast with Potatoes, Carrots, Stick of Butter Rice (so so good!)  & Blueberry Muffins

Wednesday: Chicken n Noodles

Thursday: Taco Soup & Quesadillas

Pumpkin shaped Sugar Cookies that I will ice like this thanks to a site called Created by Diane
Pumpkin Bars

What are you cooking this week?

Join the Link Up at

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I love to collect words.

My favorite apps on my phone are the ones that allow me to add words to my photos.

I simply adore words.
And when they are well arranged I tend to fall in love with them.

Last year I fell in love with this quote:

This one was hard for me as I, especially the last few years, have considered myself a recipient of other's blessings more than I've actually been a blessing. Call it a dry season or whatever. What I know is that a lot of people have fallen out of my life but the few who remained, who didn't run away when they saw my ugly cry, who bought my coffee and lent me their ear ... I am convinced, CONVINCED, they have been a bigger blessing to me than I could ever be to them.

And I lived grateful to them everyday in every prayer.

But what if this is true? What if I could possible be as valuable to someone else as that someone else was to me?

Do you know how hard it is to allow yourself to feel .... valuable?

I'm valuable?

I'm valuable!

Last week I called a friend so I could process a stressful event. I was near tears. I told her my story, she listened and was a comforting voice in my ear. 

I looked to the sky and breathed a mental prayer of thanks for her in my life. And in that split second that I reflected on her value in my life, I choose believe our friendship was mutual.

So? I asked. 
I said, "How are you?"

and there was a long pause. The kind that if you're listening closely you hear the span of pain in the silence.

Turns out she had a story to tell too. She needed to process. She needed a friend, too.

I could have hung up thanking God for her. She made me feel better and truthfully, I was really focused on myself in that moment. I wanted to linger in the comfort her words blanketed over me. But instead, that morning I choose to believe that we were a blessing to each other. Not just she to me.

What if we treated all our valuable relationships this way? What if we choose to believe people appreciated us as much as we appreciate them? Could you dare believe you are that valuable?

Because you are.

Oh yes. You most certainly are. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Menu Monday 10/20

The good news about working full time - I'm relying on weekly menus more than ever.

The bad news - I have no time to write about my weekly menus.

Aren't you sad?

Ok. No problem.

However, if you're looking for new recipes, kid friendly dinners and yummy fall food let me tell ya ... my kitchen is the place to be. 

Oh, and if you're on a liquid diet? Well I can hook you up. The biggest challenge our Tribe is facing these days is our 16 year old son's broken jaw. He's wired shut for a month! A MONTH! My blender has been promoted from hanging out at the bottom-shelf-in-the-back-of-the-dusty-pantry to front and center on my kitchen counter.

So, there's that.

Other than liquids, here's what's cooking in our kitchen:

Sunday Brunch - Eggs, sausage links, biscuits and gravy and Taste of Home's Pecan Pumpkin bread
And since college kid is home, I'm breaking the Cereal Sunday to cook up a batch of her favorite Cheeseburger Soup with fresh from the oven bread. (Thank you freezer dough, you rise very well!)

Monday - Mostly Homemade Mom's Oven Chili Dogs and french fries
(last weekend I made a batch of chili and a little is hanging around so I'm working it in tonight) (p.s. my kids won't do chili dogs, so regular ol wieners for them)

Tuesday - Crockpot Shredded Chicken Sandwiches and baked potatoes (place frozen chicken breasts in crockpot, dump a box of Chicken broth, 2 packages of dry Italian dressing and the juice from a jar of Pepperochinis - sometimes I skip the pepper juice - cook on low 6 hours or until easily shredded with a fork. Put on a toasted bun and serve with delicious provolone cheese if you want!) 

Wednesday - Roast, Carrots, Potatoes, Freezer corn and blueberry biscuits.

Thursday - Campbell's Creamy Chicken Enchiladas (made from the leftover chicken sandwiches! another kid favorite!!)
with  (a new recipe) Damn Delicious' Mexican Rice

Friday - Pizza night or our soccer team will be at a Sectional game & we'll eat on the road! We'll see. 

Just Because:
Cake Pops - Remember how migraine inducing the Easy Bake Oven was? Yeah, my twins destroyed my kitchen while making these lil gems. Do you know how hard candy melts are to scrape of a flat top cook surface? Do you??

Snack Mix - Pretzels, Cheerios, Nuts, M&Ms tossed with melted vanilla chips & 1 tablespoon of Vegetable Oil. Addicting!

Also, check out for a HUGE menu plan monday link up! As always, thanks for stopping by.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Six Dollars

There is a story in the bible about God's people spending years wandering in the desert in shoes that never wore out.

How lucky for those moms? I mean for real! Shoe shopping with children? Stressful. And expensive. Oh, how I would love a miracle of everlasting shoes! Especially in the season we find ourselves in. I've been known to glue/sew/tack shoes back together. But truth be told I've only done that for myself. When it comes to my kids, well, don't all moms buy what their kids need before they make a single purchase for themselves?

And that's how it is that I found myself at the store recently; buying shoes for my daughter.  And that purchase turned into a bit of a miracle of it's own variety.

Check it out:

We've got one store in town. And two weeks ago I found this adorable navy stripe blouse on clearance. I snatched it up, brought it home only to discover it was too small. I asked hubby, when he was out, if he'd exchange it for me - he couldn't. I stuck it in my purse to remember to do it myself - and didn't - but one afternoon, as I had just returned home from a long day at work my oldest daughter announced she was running out to pick up a pair of tennis shoes.

"Hey", I said while massaging my own feet, "would you exchange a shirt for me?"

"Ummm," she squirmed, "no. Just come with me!"

I didn't want to.
I'd been working all day.
I have 4 other children I felt responsible to be at home for.
Dinner needed to be made.
I had a dozen excuses but sensing if I wanted my shirt exchanged I was gonna hafta get up off the couch and get it done. Plus, my daughter didn't actually ask me to buy her the shoes she was seeking for an upcoming, special event she was in. As she has her own job she tends to buy whatever she needs for herself. It seemed to me I could pick up the tab on this one and buy the shoes for her.

But shopping is not 'my thing' and it was my goal to get in, get what we need and get out.

Upon entering the store I immediately located the correct shirt size to exchange and together my daughter and I headed to the help-yourself-find-your-own shoe aisle. The plan; get her size and get out.

But it was not to be.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Not My Nonni @ the Fair


Monday, September 1, 2014

Menu Monday

Happy Labor-Day Monday! 

In previous years, I use to grieve Labor Day as the official end to my pool filled summer days. However this year, as a full time working mom, I covet the extra day off it gave me!

You'd think I would use the extra time to organize and plan ahead and do all sorts of overachiever type activities.
But not me.
Not this year.
Despite my inerrant need to organize (it's a coping mechanism, I know it and if I had a therapist she'd confirm it) I'm chillaxin this holiday.

After all, how can I ever get ahead if I don't take care of my overused brain? I fear it might fry up and be good for nothing if I don't take the time to rest, relax and BE A PARTICIPANT in my own life. I'd hate to organize everyone and everything only to look back and see that I never DID anything, just PLANNED everything!!

So thank you Sabbath. Thank you Mr. Labor Day. Thank you BBQs for your flame licked burger goodness - cuz that is what we're eating to end summer grilling season!

Now, if I could only find a pool to lounge next to .....

Here's the Tribe's menu for this week:

Sunday Brunch - Overnight Ham & Egg Enchiladas (my kids love these! and I love the make-a-head option!)
Cereal Sunday - our weekly tradition; eat leftovers or cereal ... I don't care, just don't make a mess! (would totally hang this in my kitchen if I could cross stitch or knitted or painted)

Monday - Labor Day, Baby! Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, brats and foil pack potatoes on the grill (plenty for lunches this week too!) fresh tomatoes, deviled eggs (have I mentioned I buy fresh eggs every Friday? Love!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” - Michael Jordan

Monday, August 18, 2014

Menu Monday

Oh boy, here we go! Its time to get serious around here. School is beginning again and here's what's on the schedule for this week alone: We move our first born to college for her second year, school for the other four begins (I have 2 in high school - what!what!), hubs starts his student teaching ... Soccer ... Sports ... Homework ... Routine ... aaannnnd I work full-time!

It's insanely busy. That's why I preplan meals and in this week's Menu Plan Monday I'll be doing some double cooking; cook once, make twice the meals. So far I have 3 prepared meals in my deep freezer after this week will add 2 more.

Here's what the Tribe is eating this week! With links for you to try:

Sunday: French Toast Bake & Crockpot Chicken Wings
(I was out of soy sauce & substituted with Teriyaki Sauce)
Monday: Chicken Parmesan Casserole x2 
(I cooked 2 bags of chicken breasts in the crockpot on Sunday  to prepare)
Tuesday: BLTs because its August and tomatoes are a plenty! 
Wednesday: Texas Toast Turkey Melts
(this open face sandwich is a fav among my kids!) (also, I already have the bacon made from last night!)
Thursday: the Pioneer Woman Pasta alla Ladd x2
(new to my family, hope they like it because I'm making twice the sauce for a future recipe)
Friday: Bread Dough pizza
(we'll make this individual pizzas as I bought dinner rolls)

Also, p.s. stop going through the drive-thru for Yogurt Parfaits! Make these and take these ... they're just as good + you can keep your $ in your pocket!

p.p.s. You don't have to buy Sweet Tea either. Check out this recipe for making a gallon of that delicious southern nectar for your fridge!

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As always, go check out on Mondays. She has the biggest Menu Plan Monday linkup I've seen! 

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