Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's a New Day!

my Blackberry captures the sunrise on 34

I woke at 4:17 a.m. this morning with a start....afraid I overslept.
I didn't.

It's Saturday and I am making my way to Portland, OR.

The greatest man on the planet, my husband is sending me to The Storyline Conference offered by Don Miller. So I get to go to the one conference based on a book that changed my life....and visit with girlfriends. I got lots of girlfriends in Portland! 

(btw Aaron is not the greatest man EVER because he's bought me these tix....he was the best man before he gave me these for a Valentine's Day gift. How he gets better and better is beyond me - God I love that man!).

I was privileged to see the sunrise this morning. A moment I cherish as an exhausted, overworked, mom of 5! It's a glorious sight to behold.
And I got the sense that it was a new day.
But I got the sense not just literally....that it was also a new day, a turned page, a new chapter, another beginning, a redo, a fresh start.
And who couldn't use that?
Over the next week this blog will be chock full of details from The Storyline Conference!
I hope you'll enjoy!

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  1. I won't lie... I am mega jel. Can't wait to share with with you virtually. Have fun!


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