Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Update from Storyline

Well its proven to be much more difficult to find the time for a proper entry for my blog (this is the 2nd blog sent via email). This Don Miller Storyline conference in Portland OR has been amazing! I am very interested in bringing it home and sharing it with a few gals. Let me know if you"re interested.

Here's a few nuggets:
1 we should consider how we are wired and begin to apply our talents toward an adventure we can enjoy.
2 Man fully alive is the glory of God St. Ireland
3 nobody escapes conflict. God launches us in life. He makes us live.
4 Life involves a fight. Refusing to engage conflict doesn't create peace.
5 what makes a story great is also what creates a great life.

Stephanie Sikorski
"It's all Good!"

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