Saturday, June 18, 2011

Learning the Hard Way

Is there anything more difficult than learning a lesson the "hard" way?
It is difficult and uncomfortable and yet it's completely unforgettable.
Can you think back to a lesson you learned the hard way?
Chances are you remember the lesson you learned. You remember it simply because of the way you learned it ... the hard way.

The hard way sucks.
The hard way hurts.
The hard way leaves a mark.
But the hard way makes it's point.
It sticks.
You get it and even better you remember it.

I wrote a few weeks ago about my son's stolen bike. He took it to the library and failed to secure it with his lock. He'll probably never forget to lock up his possessions again. That's the hard way.

I once held a belief, a core, personal belief, that if 2 people earnestly loved God they could absolutely get along. I no longer believe that.
Relationships are challenging.
Personalities get involved.
Some words you cannot take back no matter how hard you try.

We hate learning lessons the hard way. But isn't that sometimes the best way? If you're honest with yourself, isn't it possible to admit that if, in fact that life lesson stings a little, you'll be a little less likely to leave your bicycle, or your heart for that matter, unattended?


  1. the post is very helpful for those peoples who find hard to learn the lessons.good post.

  2. Thanks! I hope so! It's something I've only learned myself, the 'hard' way of course!


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