Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Memorial Weekend...

I haven't been hiding from you.....
it was just a long holiday weekend....

and we just were kicking it around......

which means I didn't get any live blogging done. I hope you enjoyed reading some preposted blogs! As I continue to move pieces I've written from my first love, er blog.... I'll put them up here occasionally for your reading enjoyment!

Did you have a nice Memorial Weekend? We did! Our forever friends The Gelhars traveled to see us! I hosted a Missions Breakfast on Saturday (more on that later). We swam in freezing water on Monday. Attended a Memorial Service. Watched Halee's swan song in the band. Ate grilled food. And threw some bags. All-in-all it was a nice break.

Now, however, the schedule kicks in. We have quite a bit of traveling to do over the month of June but the first stop is the Storyline Conference in Portland, OR. I am thrilled!!! to go!

This entire blog is inspired by the Storyline Conference premises. I am looking forward to attending. I have a sneaky feeling it could be a life changing moment for me!

Storyline Conference from on Vimeo.

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