Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just a Small Town Girl...

So this is me. My life....
I'm married,
mother to 5 kids (who I affectionately refer to as the Tribe),
I loved being the "playgroup" lady,
(too bad I lost my funding)
love reading to children,
have a PhD in Playing,
love writing,
love taking pictures of our life,
love reading,
love cooking (for people who enjoy it).
I'm a sponge for all things social media,
can create a website (with template help)
have a Vault,
I regret not finishing college,
I want a green thumb,
coach my twins softball team,
drive the un-sexiest van ever,
I'm a conference speaker
and aspiring memior-ist.
I live in Small Town, USA with
28,000 (give or take a few) other people.
There are 4 stop lighted intersections in town
(7 if you count the 3 on the highway). There is nothing
glamorous about any of  my life.

Today I was introduced to someone who asked about me. I mentioned some of the above including the fact that I write for the local paper. "I was so surprised to discover you live here (in Monmouth)! I thought you were syndicated. I assumed you were from New York and the paper just picked you up!"

How's that for a compliment?
Nice, right?
I'm a small town girl who's been mistaken as a big shot!
Funny, right?

anyone know how to get syndicated?

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