Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chapter 4, Big Ideas, Exercise 7: Left Brain Workout

Pull out a it once or twice, then ask What's this try about? Make a list of 10 possible answers. Once you have your list write a paragraph analyzing your scene. What is it about? What is going on exactly? Think of the scene you made as evidence, then tell us what is evident. Keep going until you've got it true and right. Difficult work.

I reread a blog I wrote called:
Our House in the middle of Our Street

This is what I think it is about:

1. appearances
2. I love my home
3. nesting is important to me
4. not getting my way
5. and learning that it can still work out
6. nesting on a budget
7. wanting larger family room
8. wanting a larger kitchen
9. the gifts I desp. needed to make it a home
10. misconceptions that money or nice things make a nice place to live

Well as far as I can tell there are 2 things that are clearly evident from that piece: the way I feel about my home and the physical descriptions of the house. When we bought this house we had no income. Literally. The small, new church my husband was planting was struggling with it's finances and my husband voluntarily (singularly, I might add) refused a paycheck. I feared the bank would find this out and take away our preapproval. I wanted and longed for a nice home, a home I could be proud of and friends and family would want to visit, but knew that we really couldn't afford it. That might be why I firstly love this house. It's done just that for us.
There are a lot nicer homes in our town, heck! there are even nicer streets to live on (we're practically surrounded by rentals) but this home makes me and my children feel happy about where we live. (I know because they've told me.)
Secondly, what's evident is my coming to terms with the standard of decor in our home. This piece is the first time I've ever admitted that this was free or that was from a discount store. When we've needed drapes I've bought the cheapest drapes, literally. Same with lamps and pictures for the wall. I am certain passersby, even my neighbors believe that we are "well off". This piece reminds me that despite how things 'appear' one should be extremely cautious when making judgements.
But having expensive things haven't ever been a priority of ours. Having a welcoming home has.
I have no idea if these random thoughts qualify for the exercise assignment - but there it is anyway!

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