Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday, Saturday!

Checking in on my neglected Blogger account on this rainy Saturday afternoon. As I sit down to the dining room/office table I wish you could see what I see:
  • my 6 year old twins are dressed in their formals, pretending they are off to the prom
  • my teenager is sitting at a laptop next to me working on her thesis paper about the Titanic
  • my husband and sons have the kitchen torn apart installing a new garbage disposal
  • and I just proofed my husband's first submission to the paper (he volunteered to be a sports reporter for last night's track event)
  • McDonald's cups are scattered everywhere as we had a special treat today! (Mommy made $100 bucks in a friend's garage sale & treated the Tribe to the Dollar Menu) ((which costs a family of our size $30 bucks!!))
  • I also have laundry waiting to be washed/dryed/carried up/folded/ put away in the basement
  • a dog that's commandeered a stuffed rabbit much to the girls' dismay
  • and I have yet to get a shower in today.
Since nobody needed my immediate attention (that is after I had to help Mr. Handyman Hubby find which circuit cut the power to the kitchen sink) I thought I'd mosey on over to my Blogger account. I'm glad it's not one of my children for it it were it would be starving, neglected and definitely get me an open file with the Department of Child Services.

Most good bloggers advise to write everyday even if you don't publish everyday. If that's the measure then I would say I am accomplishing that. I may not post here, but I usually working on an article for the paper, writing in my journal, or working on a future piece. And while I've not found a rhythm, per se, I have found one precious day of the week.....

Wednesdays! I have come to love working on Wednesdays. In between standing appointments for work I sneak off to the library, to the very back corner and read and write & produce. Last Wednesday I stole 2 whole hours and felt like I got sooo much done! In fact, yesterday (Friday) and I sent my Practical Parenting article off to the paper because I got it done last Wednesday. (Sometimes I wait until Sunday night, just hours before my deadline to plunk out my article which realy distracts me from watching The Apprentice). I can't tell you how good it feels today, as the house is literally in disarray, that I have no deadline hanging over my head!

So for whatever remains of your weekend, I hope that you too, whether it is home improvement projects or baseball practice or open houses, have a wonderful weekend! Looking at my calendar, I don't expect to squeeze in any more writing this weekend for myself but for whatever the day holds may you enjoy it!

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