Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shopping for Summer

You know what I love about kids?


Even when I'm not in the mood I can still appreciate my kid's zest for life. Seriously, from the moment their eyes open in the morning they behave as if life meant to be enjoyed and experiences.
(Admittedly it's usually cuter after I've had my first cup of coffee but it's adorable nonetheless.)

And with the twins' it's doubly exciting!

Yesterday we took Abby & Bell to spend some money they'd been holding onto. Rarely, and I mean rarely, do I ever take them to a store... let alone shop with their own dough.

Bell wanted shoes. She told me, "Mom! I have tennis shoes and flip flops but I don't have any sandals!"

Who told her she needed a variety of shoes?!?  Clearly she is a diva in the making.

Abby wanted a Lallaloozy (if that's even what it's called!). Apparently it is some doll she saw on a commercial and just has to have! I just took an entire trash bag of discarded stuffed animals and dolls from their room...I really wish she wouldn't buy another doll.

With Barbie wallets in hand we headed out to the one and only store in town.

Bell choose purple, shimmer, bejeweled, wedge sandals.
They were half off!
So were the swim suits! of which the twins' needed.
We had 4 choices. (Variety is slim in small towns)
Off we went to the dressing room.
After wrestling and working up a sweat we found two non-identical suits for the girls.
We also purchased sunglasses and now the outfits were complete.

That was yesterday.

Today Bell put her new sandals on before her fit hit the ground. Literally. Both twins are sporting their sun glasses on their heads....while watching t.v......while eating breakfast.....while in their pajamas.

While I'm sipping my coffee the girls pull out their favorite box. Yep, I said box.
They are off on an adventure.
In a box.
With a map.
And sandals and glasses.

I overheard, "Hey Bell! Let's go to the beach!"
"Mom, can we wear out new swimsuits?"

 See? Enthusiastic!
Zeal for life!

A grown women wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini, in the family room, sporting shades on a Sunday morning.

"Of course you can!" I said smiling to myself. "and why not?!"


  1. in fact they are.....I just don't think I could pull them off the same way, you know?


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