Monday, May 16, 2011

Now I Have Categories!

Hey! Look-ey here.
Over there on the right!

See that I've added a "Categories" list to my blog! I am super excited about this for two reasons:
  1. I figured out how to add categories AND
  2. ALL my blogs will be in one place now!
I originally dedicated this blogger site to my quest "To Write a Better Story" but still found myself posting my Parenting Articles, personal reflections (I like to call Life Thru My Lens) and funny things from my real life with 5 kids and a dog (aptly named Tales from the Tribe).

For quite a while I felt scattered like I had stuff posted in random places and that sooooo didn't work for my personality. I'm a list maker. An administrative sort. I like a clean desk. I want to love my website and I can't sleep unless I believe it to be neat, orderly and accessible.

But now it's all here! Yippee!

I pondered moving the whole thing over to WordPress as I hear that's where all the "serious" bloggers post. And while I'm quite "serious" about my work, I am was not prepared to learn an entire new system. I should mention I am also the dedicated type. So whether this blogspot place is the "best" or not is of no concern to me. I'm happy to have a little corner of the world to leave my mark on!

So next time you visit maybe you'd take an extra minute to take a dive into my newly created Categories! Read some of my old stuff if you'd like! Be inspired! Laugh at our antics.....but no matter what you do, if you love my work please tell a friend!

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