Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Menu Monday (on Tuesday)

You don't mind, right? If my menu is on Tuesday rather than Monday? I mean a menu is a menu is a menu? Either way, we have to eat. The Tribe gets restless every night around 5 p.m. and I get asked "What's for dinner?' over and over and over
and ...

Good thing I know ahead of time what we're having!

Rachel Ray's Baked Potato Soup & Grilled Cheese with Apple Crisp (fall makes me want soup! what can I say? the kids don't love soup though so that's a problem but this reheats well and makes a yummy lunch!) p.s. sometimes I use precooked bacon. 

Cornbread Pizza (Hubby put this meal together for me because I was delayed coming home! He hit it out of the park! He said "it was easy!" Now THAT's a winner recipe!)

Lauren R's Pasta Italian Casserole bake (truth is hubby loves this more that the kids. if you don't love cream cheese I recommend cutting back a little. I doubled the recipe and shared a pan with a friend. I hope her family liked it :) )


Taste of Home's Cheeseburger Soup (seriously, this is worth every minute it takes to make it. this batch I left out the celery and carrots because I didn't have any AND I always double the Velveeta. because cheesier IS better, no?) p.s. I made this with homemade bread. don't be impressed it's the frozen dough you set out all day. it rises on it's own and all you do is pop it in the oven. your friends will be impressed!

Pillsbury's Chalupa (That's not what it's REALLY called and FYI my kids don't know this is a biscuit shell! If they did they would have snubbed it. - thus I make up my own name for recipes! Also, I always have taco meat in the fridge as I always make too much for this exact reason!)

Sunday brunch - Buttermilk Pancakes
(These are nothing - NOTHING - like biscuit mix pancakes. They are oh so good! I even keep the dry ingredients mixed up in a baggie so that I can whip them up in 3 minutes on school mornings!)

p.s. I love recipes! Please add your favorite meal below and maybe I can work it into one of my MENUs! Thanks!

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