Monday, October 15, 2012

Menu Monday - Oct 15

Oh yeah! You asked for it, you got it!
Menu Monday is baaaaacckk!

Ok whatever. That's a little over the top. But still, like 4 people asked me to get back to Menu Mondays so in response to my "fans" ... here it is!

Go ahead, give me some lovin!

Sunday Brunch
OverNight Apple French Toast
perfect perfect perfect for fall!

Pasta Bake with Bread Sticks
My family loves Pizza Hut's Pasta Bake. I figured ... I can do that better! 'Course Pizza Hut delivers and keeps my kitchen clean .....

Walking Tacos Tailgate (in honor of Ebay's bday) I made the taco meat ahead of time, warmed it up in the crockpot the day of and took individual bags of Doritos, tons of lettuce and cheese along with salsa and ranch! The boys could pile up their bags however they wanted and I had zero mess to clean up. Atta-girl!

Campbell's Creamy Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas
Seriously, this has become a staple at our house!

Crockpot Chicken n Dumplings
This was my first go at this recipe and I liked it....the kids were eh! but you can't beat the ease and convenience!

Please use real butter and real cheese. Please. It is so good,

Chili and Hot Dogs with Tortilla Chips and Queso Dip
Truth is ... the hot dogs are for the kids. In fact, they don't even eat chili. But this way we are all happy!

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