Saturday, April 9, 2011

Twitter Tweaks

I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. 

Why I LOVE it: I didn’t join on a whim. I actually tossed the idea around in my head for quite awhile. I couldn’t think of a cool catch name though and after months I just settled on being me: @steph_sikorski. When I created an account I simultaneously created an alter ego with a white canvas. I could create any persona I wanted. I took who I would follow with grave seriousness. I hesitantly typed in people or things I was interested in. It felt kinda like picking which group in high school you wanted to be associated with.

I’m a mom, did I want to connect with all the mommy bloggers out there? I am developing my writing skills, maybe I should look for publishers and authors. I am a former leader in the church, what about connecting with that group? I’ve do some work in Europe with women’s leadership conferences, how does one search that on Twitter? But then there’s my job in early education and I love to cook and I eat and read and take pictures and have a dog …..

And that’s why I HATE Twitter. Sure @steph_sikorski can be whoever she wants to be but do I know who I want to be? How I wish to be perceived? Do I want the Twitter world to know all about me or part of me? And what part? And how does that jive with being my true authentic self? Can anybody be authentic on Twitter?

But I LOVE twitter because I’ve tweeted people that I would never otherwise have an opportunity to speak with. How exciting! @donmilleris replied me! @earlyeducation found me when I tweeted up at a conference recently! I blogged about stained glass and someone sent me a photo they had taken of a gorgeous window. I’ve learned more about blogging and writing and what to expect from publishers from good folks like @frankviola, @writersdigest, @jonacuff and most recently @MichaelHyatt.

However I HATE the voracious intake of information. At the end of the day sometimes I can’t remember if I read a statistic online, in the paper or if it was on the radio this morning. I find myself often saying, “I learned (fill in the blank)”, but for the life of me can’t remember what rabbit hole I traveled down to acquire such knowledge.

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But I LOVE -just love- how in minutes I can obtain information from almost 50 people (the wee size of my following list). Everything from world headlines to which tribe member is getting voted off Survivor in a practically instantaneous click of the BlackBerry!

However I’ll be damned if I don't type, retype and retype again my update over and over again. 140 characters seems like an impossibility to this wordy gal (as evidenced by the size of this blog entry right?). I’m pretty sure editing myself is making me a better writer though but man, I HATE how much time I have to think, rethink, type and retype one lil'ol seemingly insignificant thought.

Despite my mixed feelings for the little blue bird I think Twitter and I will definitely be continuing our relationship. As it is in the beginning of any courtship I remain on my best behavior. Revealing only what I want to be revealed until I feel safe and welcomed. In the meantime I tweet on, loving and hating every minute of it! 

What about you - what do you love best/hate worst about Twitter?

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