Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today's Thoughts

We celebrated "National Screen Free Week" in our home this week.
It lasted 2.5 days.
So I guess you could say we celebrated 2 Screen Free Days.

on day 2 of screen free-ness (i.e. that is avoiding all things with a screen) I was sitting on one end of the couch watching my husband read on the other end of it.

He was reading Love Wins by Rob Bell. Quite a controversial book in certain circles these days. (I read it last week). And since I wasn't watching T.V. and I was tired of reading and I couldn't get on the computer to blog about it, update or tweet it.....I just watched my husband read.

It was slightly awkward.
And boring.
So there I am staring at him and then the book.
And then him. Then the book.
ok, I'll get to the point.
This is the photo on the back cover of Love Wins:
And I like it.
I mean it's not your typical "Hey!-look-at-me-I'm-a-author-headshot"
ya know?
And then I got to thinking, I think my first book - if there ever is a first book - is gonna have a classy picture of me on it. Not some boring, run of the mill head shot. I wonder...would it be of me speaking? Maybe! I mean I do do that. But... does that capture who I am? Nah.
Oh, I know! I'll have a photo taken of me arms open wide with one of my children running towards me and their hair will wave in the wind.
Now that would be GORgeous! Except my kids are too old to run towards me with adoration.
I don't ride horses. I hate dogs.
It can't be a photo of me in an apron in my kitchen because I'm A.) pretty certain it won't be a cook book and B.) I hate the wallpaper in my kitchen.

I have no hobbies, am never in nature and ....................(crap! I'm so boring I don't even know how to finish that sentence!)
How 'bout me holding a fantastic mug of steamy coffee while I am laughing?
Oh now THAT's me!

Literally. That's me in Czech a few years ago!

Do you think my double chin will show? On my jacket cover? Can they edit that out? Think I"m putting the cart before the horse?


  1. This is the real reason many of us who call ourselves writers don't get anything written... much less published. Our brains are always a couple of (hundred) steps in front of our fingers. I do have to say that I never considered what my dust jacket will look like before, but there is one more thing I can put on my list of possible things to consider instead of actually writing something... :-)

  2. My brain is always running ahead of my fingers! Great quote! Thanks for keeping u w my blog K! Hope all is well w you!


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