Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rantings of a Frustrated Schizophrenic

I couldn’t be more frustrated right now.

I think I’ve seriously lost the Bill Roorbach book that has been my motivation for working on my writing dreams. The same book my darling hubby gave me for Valentine's Day (he also just gave me an early Mother's Day present - a vacuum). I found the journal that I use when working on the book. I tend to keep them side by side. I’ve looked in the freezer like one of my followers suggested. I’ve looked in every bag I’ve ever carried, in every book pile, in my husband’s book pile…I can’t find it and I am super frustrated.

My most recent blogs on this site have been more random entries (that have been duplicated on my personal website) than actual pieces of work than the exercises I want to be writing that move me toward writing a memoir. A blog here. A blog there. Duplicated here and there. It all makes me feel so schizophrenic.

Now I'm a frustrated schizophrenic.

I will say however, even though it may not necessarily be reflected in these entries, that I’ve been keeping in mind this goal; “To Write a Better Story”.

To my credit I have:
  • Been writing everyday (if you include using the memo app on my Blackberry and the back of the scratch paper I can’t find)
  • Redesigned our website
  • Increased my web presence
  • Obtained a whopping 35 followers on Twitter
  • Commented on other blogs when appropriate
  • and continue to write for my weekly parenting column

  • Working 34 hours a week
  • Researching feed burners& site improvement techniques for my ‘other’ job
  • Trying to say what I mean in 140 characters
  • Getting sidetracked reading so many great bloggers
  • And wondering if my voice is worth adding to the conversation
  • Oh yeah, I don’t own my own computer
  • And am dangerously wading into the ocean of html (is there a lifeguard on duty?)

I’m a frustrated schizophrenic who is beginning to feel a smidge overwhelmed.

Where is that #$!* book??

ADDENDUM: get out! 10 minutes after penning this blog I found the book. It was in a bag that I only use on Wednesday when visiting the waiting room of the local health department giving away free children's books to families receiving their food coupons. Oh! Happy Day! 

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  1. Yay! Glad you found it and you didn't have to buy a new on to make your old on appear.


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