Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Me thinking about Writing

Have you ever noticed that when something is in your heart or on your mind that it appears in snippets of reminders in every aspect of your life?
Like when you miss someone and throughout your day you see constant reminders of them
when you're contemplating a big decision and everywhere you turn you hear a word or phrase that reminds you of your quandary
when you are wrestling with taking action in your life and suddenly every t.v. show, talking head and song on the radio seems to be aware of your specific issue?

or maybe it's just me.

Actually, I think it's quite possible that whatever it is that has captured your mental energies isn't necesarily making more of an appearance in your life. It just may be that you're more attuned ... more sensative, if you will, to said idea. I think it's possible we sit down to a movie, thinking about our feeling, and subconsciously listen to the lines and actors looking for a recognition on the screen that speaks to us.

Take me for example. In my spare time (ha!) I think about writing.
What to write.
Why I write.
When can I write.
What are my expectations about being a writer....
a famous writer, an undiscovered writer.
etc. etc.

It's really a smidge exhausting.
But last night I sit down to nurse a bowl of popcorn and I come across this episode of Parenthood:

"Where have I seen your work before?" he asks.
She laughs.

I laugh.

I also write.

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