Monday, January 10, 2011


a list of random memories of things to turn into stories someday:

  • crazy Marion & the bathroom scene
  • 3 times I think I've actually heard God speak
  • stumped what to eat for lunch in the Denver airport
  • the $100 tithe
  • when I first asked my darling out
  • the tatoo story
  • Baby A was born first. that was it. she'd never be first in anything ever again.
  • the day the dr. said "It's Twins!"
  • Miscarrying
  • going from a presenter to headliner and back down to presenter again
  • mixed feelings Jan '11 why do I believe I am more than I am?
  • The first boy slumber party
  • 2010 income levels are stupendously low - how to survive
  • Missionaries accept donations - how does one do that with grace?

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