Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Creator Doesn’t Just Talk About Their Work, They Work

A Creator Doesn’t Just Talk About Their Work, They Work

Thanks Don Miller. Just when I began to feel brave enough to tell what I was up to (ok maybe 6 people know I'm actually trying to do this) you post this. You say that talking about your writing actually kills the writing. Something in my brain happens when I talk about it - it's as if I've done work on it. And clearly from this blog, I've not done work on 'it'. 'It' being my dream.
Got a great voice mail yesterday. My inlaw complimented my "Western Mother" article. I liked it too but she gushed (thx D) about how great it was, what a gift I have and did I ever consider sending my stuff in?
Who wouldn't like to get paid for their work.
Instead I'm lost - literally as I have no followers - in the land of the free blog. Where everyone has a right to write and access to publish their work via any www. they can buy or use for free (thanks and
you're an instant writer.
Me, it's my dream.
And I need to remind myself that even itty-bitty-tiny-mother-may-I-baby steps count.
That's the pace I'm moving at. Itty bitty.
But.....I'm moving. And it ain't backward.

Today I worked a half day. School let out early for teacher stuff. I'm at home. Eyeball deep in kids and laundry, chocolate cupcakes in the oven (cuz I'm PMSing. yep TMI, I know), dinner is before me, the house is a buzz with activity. I can't even sit down long enough to form a complete thought let alone dedicate the proper amount of time to an article or to a piece.

But darling husband just read Don Miller's blog too. Granted I prompted him too when I said, "Don Miller really irked me today!". Then I was banished. DH asked me to head to the nearest coffee shop (20 miles away, don't think so) so I could work uninterrupted. Heck it take 40 minutes just to drive there and back (ah the rural life). Instead I've taken over the dining room table.
Lap top open.
Writing Life Stories on my left.
My notebook and pen on the right.
and just in time
the oven timer is going off. The cupcakes are done!

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