Thursday, January 13, 2011


It's early today ... I've been inspired by one of my very favorite blogger/authors who says he gets up every morning at 5 am to work on his writing.

Clearly he has no children.

He says he goes to bed by 9 every evening.

Obviously he has no spouse.

I got up at 5:45 this morning with a gazillion things running through my mind - the most of which was, I had to pee. Nonetheless, I arose, showered, prepped a crockpot meal for dinner, prepped pancakes for breakfast and will eventually make 3 sack lunches. But at 6:31, precisly 29 minutes before the Tribe arouses, I am here at the dining room table getting in my 'writing everyday'.

Here are my notes from the book (and subsequently yesterday's entry was my attempt at) Chapter three: Scenemaking
  • The difference between telling and showing is life. And life is the root meaning of the word vivid, the highest praise a scene or writer can garner.
  • Trust the reader to gather all that's implied and get on with your story.
  • Exposition is telling.
  • Scenemaking is showing. Show, don't tell!

I'll try it: I sat in my recliner, blanket 'cross my lap. He sat in his recliner in the opposite corner of the small but cozy family room, the football game blaring from the television set. We're not senior citizens. Heck, we're not even 40 yet. I'm reading while he stares at his little iPod. The dog is content, curled up at my feet.

Was that a good scene?

  • Never distract the readers mind from the dream you are creating.
  • Scene occurs in place and at a time.
  • Exposition has no place and  is out of time.
from Writing Life Stories by Bill Roorbach

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