Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In Honor of Menu Monday

I had the AH-mazing opportunity to travel to the Czech Republic and Slovakia last week. On the way I met awesome people, saw incredible things, made some unforgettable memories AND ... ate a wide variety of food.

In honor of my regularly posted Menu Monday I submit to you Menu Monday Mission Trip-Style!
Czech it out (get it!)

Sunday breakfast - Plain yogurt with Chocolate granola

Sunday lunch - Beef Tips with Bread Dumplings

Monday breakfast - scrambled eggs, poached potato, mushrooms, sausage & toast

Monday dinner - Margherita (aka cheese) pizza from this stone oven

Tuesday breakfast - a doughnut and latte from Tesco (similar to a Wal-Mart)

Wednesday - traditional Czech breakfast (bread, ham, cheese, scrambled eggs and ham)
I was supposed to get one OR the other but due to some for-real "lost in translation" moments I got a double breakfast portion. p.s. this happened to me more than once on the trip. p.s.s. therefore I did not loose a single pound while traveling.

Wednesday Dinner - a (flexible) chicken steak and mashed potatoes

Thursday breakfast - more ham and eggs for breakfast (looks identical doesn't it?)

Thursday lunch - Kofola (soda) and pasta with chicken
(and what most closely resembles ketchup sauce)

Thursday breakfast - latte at Tesco with chocolate croissant

Thursday dinner - fried cheese and half a cheese pizza

Friday- more lattes and more croissants

Friday dinner at Sonya's house. A buffet of sandwiches, pretzels, cake and chips.

And then later ..... Chicken schnitzel and chips.

Saturday lunch - chicken gnocchi and spinach

Saturday dinner (potluck with the roomie) granola bars, pretzels and trail mix

Sunday - dinner in Prague spinach soup, bruschetta and the star of the show gelato

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