Monday, November 5, 2012

Menu Monday

Happy Cooking my friends!

Sunday - French Toast Bake with Grandma Betty's Applesauce & Sausage Links (you don't have to use french bread. I've used plain old white bread and it's been fine fine fine!)

Monday - General Tso's Chicken with Rice (I'll admit ... I'm not usually down with a recipe with so many steps BUT this is totally worth it. Plus I have found boneless dark meat at Wal-Mart. Once I tried to cut it off the bones myself but THAT'll never happen again)

Tuesday - Oven Fried Chicken with Crockpot Potatoes, Corn and Corn Bread (these potatoes require no mashing. there are made from red potatoes which is yum AND no clean up. NONE. you line your crockpot with foil. heeeelllll-o! easy peasey!)

Wednesday - Haystacks (what is this? well at our house it's rice and taco meat ((remember to make extra)) piled with whatever you want; lettuce/tomato/salsa/crushed chips/cheese but what ever you do you must top it off with melted nacho cheese! lots and lots of melty cheese)

Thursday - leftovers because BASKETBALLSEASONHASBEGUN

Friday - Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches with Fries (Sweet Potato for me & Crinkles for the kids! and bytheway ... the precooked bacon is NOT bad. Why fry it for sandwiches is what I always say. ok I don't but still.)

Saturday - Taco Soup (my hubby says he likes this more than chili!! we love it with tortilla chips)

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