Friday, February 21, 2014

Super Hero Family Fun

As a parent educator with our public preschool, we have the great opportunity to host regular events for our students' families.

I host playgroups, lapsits, teach parenting classes, and my favorite; Family Fun Night.

This month we had a SuperHero themed event. It was a great success and because I'm proud of our staff and love our families, I wanted to share highlights with you!

Our invite:

Dinner: Hero Subs, Power Puffs (cheese puffs), Fire Power Fruit, Ka-Pow cupcakes and Aqua Action water bottles or Bam Juice Boxes
Create: Stations were set up for families to create any version of a Super Hero Costume they wanted.
All our crafts are carefully choosen to include open ended creations; that is, there is no right or wrong way to create. For this reason we often don't premake crafts to show as an example! We encourage variety and creativity. It's the process not the product afterall!

Web Slingers - knit gloves with fingers cut off and strings of yarn attached with velcro

Super Cuffs - empty toilet paper tubes decorated and worn on the wrists

Masks - a variety of foam shapes were provided to glue on precut foam masks and worn with yarn

Capes - vinyl, white, child size capes were purchased (from for marker decoration

Once outfitted our Super Heros attend Super Hero Training Camp. Training camp was a wide variety of gross motor stations set up in the gymnasium.

Lava Pit - a balance beam was placed over a wading pool filled with pink tissue

Leaping over tall buildings in a single bound - we saved large, sturdy cardboard boxes and painted them black & grey and assembled them like a city sky line. We set mat up around the perimiter for safety.

Tunnel Crawl

Bam Bop! - We hung balloons from a string and encouraged boxing. Great for hand-eye coordination!

Mighty Muscles - PVC pipe and paper plates were a fun way to recreate weights. So many parents pretended to be weak and the children really enjoyed showing off their stregnth.

Brick Smash - one of our Prek classrooms had some worn out cardboard brick blocks. Using Velcro we attached the bricks together and the children really enjoyed karate-chopping them apart!

Each Super Hero, upon completion of the Training Camp received a Certificate of Completion and a Super Hero bag.

It was an awesome night! The best part? The event tailored to a crowd very well. With 7 staff we were prepared for 60 people! They key? Stations! That way families can move through the evening at their own pace! Everyone (even staff!) had a good time!

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