Monday, March 31, 2014

Menu Monday

Sorry. It has been awhile since I've done a Menu Monday. Hubs said I hit it out of the park so I figured your family might like this menu too. Plus, if you can garner some compliments from your time in the kitchen .... Why not? 
All my recipes can be found on my Pinterest boards (see the link on the left)

Sunday brunch- scrambled eggs, sausage links, cinnamon roll coffee cake, biscuits & gravy!

Monday- I call it One Pot, you'll call it easy! Sausage, red potatoes, green beans in one pan sprinkled with dry Ranch mix and dotted with butter. Bake. Yum!

Tuesday- Easy Cheesy Mozzarella Penne first time I made it but definitely won't be the last.

Wednesday-Chinese Chicken Fried Rice so easy!

Thursday- Crockpot Chicken over Bow Tie Pasta

Friday-Pizza Bread
and I brought Oreo Fluff to a potluck. I made a double batch hoping for leftovers but I was left to lick the bowl alone in my dark kitchen late at night. 
Don't judge. 

Also linking up to OrgJunkie. She has the world's best menu link up! Dig in!

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