Monday, September 1, 2014

Menu Monday

Happy Labor-Day Monday! 

In previous years, I use to grieve Labor Day as the official end to my pool filled summer days. However this year, as a full time working mom, I covet the extra day off it gave me!

You'd think I would use the extra time to organize and plan ahead and do all sorts of overachiever type activities.
But not me.
Not this year.
Despite my inerrant need to organize (it's a coping mechanism, I know it and if I had a therapist she'd confirm it) I'm chillaxin this holiday.

After all, how can I ever get ahead if I don't take care of my overused brain? I fear it might fry up and be good for nothing if I don't take the time to rest, relax and BE A PARTICIPANT in my own life. I'd hate to organize everyone and everything only to look back and see that I never DID anything, just PLANNED everything!!

So thank you Sabbath. Thank you Mr. Labor Day. Thank you BBQs for your flame licked burger goodness - cuz that is what we're eating to end summer grilling season!

Now, if I could only find a pool to lounge next to .....

Here's the Tribe's menu for this week:

Sunday Brunch - Overnight Ham & Egg Enchiladas (my kids love these! and I love the make-a-head option!)
Cereal Sunday - our weekly tradition; eat leftovers or cereal ... I don't care, just don't make a mess! (would totally hang this in my kitchen if I could cross stitch or knitted or painted)

Monday - Labor Day, Baby! Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, brats and foil pack potatoes on the grill (plenty for lunches this week too!) fresh tomatoes, deviled eggs (have I mentioned I buy fresh eggs every Friday? Love!)

Tuesday - pulling out a freezer meal I made a few weeks ago; Manicotti. Add a salad & toast up some garlic bread ... viola!

Wednesday - I hope I eat fair food as the local festival kicks off.

Thursday - I also hope I eat fair food Thursday too! Just kidding. (sorta - not really) We love chicken wraps. Tortillas. Chicken. Lettuce. Ranch. Done! maybe with fries - unless of course, I can go to the fair and a get a pile of onion straws....

Friday - Pizza (I will tailor this version of Pioneer Woman's recipe to suit my family's taste.)

Saturday - Soft Shell tacos with chips and homemade salsa!

Extra - Peanut Butter Granola from Cooking Classy (plus a few chocolate chips from me!)

Whatever you're cooking up this week I hope it's good, real food that brings your loved ones around the table.

p.s. Here's a true story. We recently replaced our microwave and oven. I'm still figuring out this cook top surface thing we bought, but for real! It was so clean that for an entire week, I didn't even want to use it! It was so shiny! My family was hungry, but doggone it was just. so. shiny.

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Thanks for reading!

What are you cooking this week?

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  1. Your menu looks great....fair food is a favorite of mine! I could totally gorge on some fried oreos or funnel cake right now....


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