Monday, March 14, 2011

The Power of a Dream

Dreams are good.
Dreams give one the motivation required for action.
Dreams are even how the brave use their imagination.

But dreams are invisible. Nothing tangible. Just a web of beautifully spun mental hopes and wishes.
I wonder who reaches their dreams. Is it the lucky? or maybe those with the best work ethic?
Can you make your dreams come true?
Haven't some labored and fallen short?
or were they dreaming the wrong dream?

In entering the world of blogging I've discovered a lot ... about myself, about how much I don't know, about how far removed I really am from the world of writing....

But this I know .... dreams are good.
Mine gives me the motivation I need to move.
Reaching for my dream makes me feel brave and yet
moving forward with my dreams reveals just how far I am away from the goal and destination.
And that's not always an easy revelation to acknowledge.
But the reach is worth it.
The mark is set.
And inch by inch, bird by bird (Anne LaMott) I will run after it.

What about you? What are your dreams and what emotion did you experience when taking a step toward reaching it?

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