Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chocolate & Conversations

I have a playing.

I've been leading playgroups and parent child activities for 12 years and without any doubt, babygroup is my favorite of all the activities I have the pleasure of hosting. It's as much about "mommy time" as it is the babies!

Today's group didn't disappoint.

We began discussing the frustration we feel now that our babies are turning into busy toddlers.

"My kid is into every cabinet! She found my chocolate stash!" one mom complained "Lindor chocolate!"

The women gasped.
"I love that chocolate!"
"Oh I know its the best"
"Have you tried the white chocolate?"
"No is it good?"
"Oh I love nutrageous bars. Those do it for me!"
"What's a nutrageous?"
"Only a perfect blend of chocolate, caramel and Reeses peanut butter"
"Reeses? Reeses is the best!"
"Oh for sure. The eggs are out now. The peanut better to chocolate ratio is perfect!"
"I love Reese's too!"
"Not me I'm a sucker for Cadbury eggs!"
"Easter candy makes spring my favorite time of the year!"
"I love Easter. The resurection and candy eggs."



"So does your baby get in your bathroom drawers too?"
I love my job!

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