Monday, November 11, 2013

Menu Monday

Nothing can be more tedious than feeding our Tribe: our schedules are harried, preferences vary & time is NOT on my side.

That's why I plan. Sometimes when there is extra time I enjoy hunting for new recipes. Other times I use my prepared month long menu ideas. Most of the time I rely on my themed days to help me determine what to cook. (Mexican Mondays, 'Talian Tuesdays, Whatever Mom Wants Wednesday, Chicken Thursday, Pizza Friday & Soup/Sandwich Saturday, Brunch & Cereal Sunday)

No matter how you look at it, I menu plan because it makes my day easier. Figuring out what I have in the pantry, how much time I have to cook & which of us will be home when for dinner is too taxing. Each Saturday I post a new menu on the fridge & that's just one thing that helps me get through the upcoming week!

At least it works for me!

Here's what we're having at our house this week!

Monday -  no one will be home for dinner with sports banquets, practices & class. If I need a quick meal I have leftovers. Taco meat can be a quick taco salad & pot roast can be stroganoff.

'Talian Tuesday - My famous noodles & white sauce. I'm making the sauce ahead of time, hubby can warm it up to feed the kids and prepare rotini or fettuccine.

Whatever Mom Wants Wednesday - a few weeks ago my grocery store had a great price on chicken legs. So even though they weren't on my menu plan for that week the deal was too good to pass up. Good thing too because having meat in the freezer helped with this week's budget. I oven fried those bad boys up & served them with mashed potatoes, steamed baby carrots & a side of biscuits.

Thursday - After chicken leg dinner hubby removed the meat from the bones and it became chicken noodle soup with grilled cheese (please, for the love of melty cheese everywhere try it this way). It was a cold night and it really hit the spot.

Pizza Friday - Using a premade crust I made a cheese, chicken Alfredo (yep! from leftovers) and sausage pizza.

In addition, I haven't had enough pumpkin goodness so I made a Pumpkin Pie Cake and Best Ever (probably because of the icing) Pumpkin Pecan Bread (which I made into muffins & ate for lunch, & breakfast, & a snack ....).

This is how we survive. A little planning makes for smoother evenings. And I need all the smoothness I can get!

For more awesome menu ideas check out orgjunkies link up for Menu Plan Monday.
Check out my Pinterest Board "Recipe Box" for all my tried it/liked it recipes. (Cuz everyone hates a Pinterest fail!)

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