There is no way to say "I have 5 kids" and make it sound normal. Not in this day and age. Not in my hometown. Once I made a random comment about how hard it was to get to church on a Sunday morning when the oldest was nine, the boys were 4 and 3 and the twins were newborns. I said, "No wonder Moses was crabby on Mt. Sinai. Moving the tribe of Israelites must have been exhausting. I can barely get out the door with 5!"

And a nickname was born.
My Tribe.

These collections of blogs are real-you-wouldn't-ever-believe-what-just-happened-to-me stories. If I didn't write them down I would go crazy. (Although I think I might already be a little crazy but not certifiable. I have made a select few close friends promise to tell me if I'm ever embarrassing myself in that looney-oh-my-gosh-she-needs-medicine kind of way!)

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