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I'm a Parent Educator for the Monmouth-Roseville CUSD #238. I have been for 17 years. It's my job to be an encouragement to families in our district. I've conducted playgroups, taught parenting classes, been a home visitor, toy lending librarian, grant writer, story teller, family fun event planner, developmental screener and program recruiter. I am certified with Parents As Teachers and BabyTALK. I love my job. I believe children are precious treasures (yes all of them!) and any amount of time I get to spend in their lives, whether it's building block towers or handing out parent development information, is special.

Because I love to write I asked my local newspaper (The Daily Review Atlas) if they would ever consider adding a parenting column. And that's how Practical Parenting column was created. (That's also a good reason why you'll never get to do what you love if you don't raise your hand and let people know what you love doing).

You may not know it, but I'm kinda a big shot in my little town. Especially with the senior citizen crowd. The grandmas regularly stop me & pull me aside to tell me they enjoyed my article so much they cut it out and send it to their (_________) (fill in the blank: granddaughter, great granddaughter, etc. )

So if you're one of those people I'm sorry. Nothing is more annoying then when you get sent an article in the paper from a long lost relative giving you parenting advice.

Unless of course the advice was helpful and not offensive. In that case, you're welcome!

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(as opposed to unrealistic-make-you-feel-worse-about-yourself advice in other places!)

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