Thursday, December 1, 2016

I Just Can't Even

They say the speeches you hear or books you read that profoundly impact your life have little to do with the dynamic presentation but instead have articulated the ideas you've not been able to express.

I think that's true.

Of all the countless church services I've sat through, and the hundreds of conferences in my professional carreer, I can graphically remember only a dozen or so messages.

One message I'll never forget, and quite frankly am recalling for my own encouragement this week, is this; while attending a leadership conference, the speaker asked us to stand up. He then instructed each individual to keep their feet planted but to turn at the waist and try to see behind them.

We did.

He asked us to pick a spot on the wall behind us and then to try and twist in order to see even further.

We did.

Holding the pose and still looking behind us, the speaker asked us to take note of how much further we were able to see when asked to put in more effort.

I remember turning and feeling the stretch in my back when I looked behind. I was curious to see how much further I could see if I tried and I remember a feeling of satisfaction when I realized I could see more than I thought. Just as I was pondering the experiment the speaker asked us to turn ourselves as far as we could.

Thinking it was a ridiculous request I tried to turn myself even further and to my own surprise I was able to look way further than I thought I could.

My favorite Bitmoji

Think about that.

When I thought I had twisted, turned, flexed and stretched to my max, I found I had more room to go.

I had more room to go.

So the next time you think you, "Just can't" pause and ask yourself have you really reached the end of your capabilities, or do you have some more stretch in you?

If you're done - you're done. Know when it's the end. What I'm talking about here is grit. And digging deep. And not quitting without at least trying.
You might surprise yourself.
You might think you've put in as much effort as you can but with one ... more ... twist, yes into that place where you're afraid it might get uncomfortable, you might surprise yourself.

You might have more room to go.
And you might see something you've not yet noticed.

And that might be your next best thing.

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