Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I am tired of being worn out.
I am tired of being afraid.
I am tired of being told to be afraid.

I am tired of injustice.
I am tired of the really small things being blown up into really big things because drama is our go-to knee-jerk comfortable reaction instead of seeking out sanity, love and wisdom.

And I think my people are too.

My girlfriends are searching for real answers amidst hard questions. 
My family is trying to navigate a-having-more-means-you're-worth-more culture .
My kids are struggling to understand being passed over and picked last.
My community longs for good news, hope and financial security.

All the while my insides are searching and looking for some small way to bring hope and light somewhere. We need a little hope. We need a little light. We need a lot of love. 

I don't know if it will help, but I have an idea to try; thanks to the encouragement of The Good Life Project I'm trying to remember to be a delight.

Wherever I can.

What if, the people in my world, the people I work with, come in contact with or love, what if instead of coasting through the moments in our interactions I choose to spend energy on delighting them? What if I consciously, and in the truest of genuine ways (vs a forced, phony trying to impress sorta way) thought to myself, "Can I do/be/say anything in this moment that causes delight?" 

and then do it?

Would my people be happier?
And if they're happier do the people they love become happier?
And would happiness multiple?

Would fear take a back seat?
Would love evident itself?
Would someone's day be better?

Is it possible? It is possible that if I choose to be a delight, that something, anything could go better?

If there is anyway that the answer to these questions 'might' be yes, than I think it's worth a try. 
Anybody want to join me?

(For more information on being a delight check out this very cool podcast The Power of Delight)

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