Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reason #103 Why Moms Shouldn't Wear Thongs

I'm a 40 + year old working mom of 5.
I'm no wimp.
I'm a robust woman (in size and mental strength)
and, warning:

TMI ...

I've got no business wearing thong underwear. 

Oh you skinny, young ladies in your leggings acting like those are pants.
I bet you've got your little, lacy undies on underneath feeling so feminine.
Aren't you lucky?

No really. You're so lucky.

Me? I've got teenagers.
Who drive.
So our far away, college daughter will be safe, hubs loaned her his car.
Now hubby uses my car
and brother gets to borrow sister's car.

Keeping up?

What's that got to do with underwear?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Is Grace Fair?

"Grace doesn't seem fair until you need some" Bob Goff

That's a quote I've recently added to my book and as you can see from a recent Instagram post, I've left that page open on my desk this week, to remind me. 

I'm struggling with offering grace lately. 

And I'm not proud of that so I've spent time digging deep asking, "Why?".
The answers - if I'm honest with myself - are:

  • People are dumb
  • I was right
  • People are lazy
  • I was sanctimonious
  • People are rude
  • I was pacifistic 
  • & again, people are dumb

Also, currently I'm not expected to be graceful, I'm expected to do good work, whereas formerly as a church employee grace was sortof a job description. Looking back, I kinda feel like it was easier to extend grace when I, (cough, clear my throat) um, had to.

Is grace grace if it's mandated?

Or is the beauty of grace revealed when it's a choice... when you choose to surrender your self righteous, judgemental attitude and lay it aside to offer grace?

I think so.
And I'm working on it. I'm trying to look past people's idiocy (it's like a phenomenon) and - full disclosure here - my own virtuousness.

I'm choosing grace.
Even when it seems unfair.
Because I bet no sooner I will hit publish on this piece and do something boneheaded and need someone to be gentle with me.

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