Friday, August 21, 2015

We Did It

Seven years ago we looked took an inventory of the life we had been building together and after some deep-digging-deep 

and gut wrenching bravery
we looked at each other and admitted something had to change.

Which, by the way, might be one of the scariest things to admit.

Four years ago hubs walked back onto campus this time to secure the coursework necessary to earn a teaching degree.

And it's been a, ahem, a long journey.

Today, he reports back to school, but this time as a teacher, not a student.

He did it.
We did it.
We did what?

We we got what we wanted? Is that what I mean?
I mean we changed our stars.
We set our eyes on the goal and 
despite the pain
or heartache
or financial challenges that came with the kind of about face a mid-life-with-5-kids-career-change requires we carved a new path, a better one.

Now, I fully admit, halfway into this journey I wanted to quit. I've spent some time looking back over entries I've written here about the struggle - it was real, people! - but then I realized reaching the finish line would take just as long as turning around and heading back.

So we kept going and now we're here.

I don't know what's ahead - anything could happen - but today, I look down and notice where my feet are headed and it's a much better place. 
It's better because it's where I wanted to be.
It's not the fanciest path
or a famous one,
it's not even popular!
But I don't need you to like it
or even understand it.
It's not your path.
It's mine!

Today is a momentous day personally but I submit this entry, standing before you to testify; you can change your life, it's hard, but you can. 

Don't be afraid.

And Aaron? I'm so, so proud of you baby.
"Stay the course" we ARE writing a better story. There's noone else I'd rather turn pages with. xo

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