Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What's All Good?

I have 2 things stenciled on the walls of my home.

A handwritten documentation of each my children's growth

this -

vinyl letters with my favorite phrase;

"It's all Good!"

For as long as I can remember Romans 8:28 was my "life verse", that is, scripture that provides me with unwavering inspiration.

Aaron and I even put that scripture on our wedding invitation 23 years ago. It was our way of declaring that the union of us, and everything to come, would be a good thing.

Then, when I learned I was expecting twins, #4 & #5, the burden of large family didn't feel like something good. Rather it felt more I had been abandoned by God or fate or the laughing stock of Mother Nature. It was then I first began to doubt the very words that had always brought me hope.

Part of me wanted to throw the "It's all good" mantra out of my life, but another - albeit very small - part of me hesitated wondering - maybe even hoping - that somehow those unexpected baby girls would in fact be a good thing.

And boy were they ever!

Now, with over 40 years of living experience I realize I was a very naive bride,
but I wasn't in fact, entirely wrong. It's all good, doesn't mean it is all literally good.
Or that everything will turn out well.
What it means to me - today - is that the sum

of everything that comes to me
both pleasant and unpleasant
good and bad
wanted or unwanted
can be taken in

and used to mold me,
shape my character
and write a better story out of every single story element that has come my way.

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