Friday, March 9, 2018

"Ouch! That Hurts"

I hate hurt.
I hate when my feelings get hurt.
I hate when my body hurts.
I hate toothaches.
I even hate hangnails.

I hate when my friends hurt.
I hate when the poor suffer.
Injustice tears at my heart.

Above all else, I hate when my children are hurting.
Easily, when my mamma bear is poked, I rise up swinging my big, grizzly head to and fro looking for the accuser. I roar and get ugly.
I want to be big
and puffed up
and scary
and cause more pain.


Cause more pain?
I think if everyone lived by that old adage "An eye for an eye" we would create a world that was blind.

This is what I know and this is what I hope my kids will learn;
Pain is valuable.
Uncomfortable? Of course!
But don't be tempted to ward off the hurt less you trade the value of pain for the seduction of comfort-ability.

No one WANTS pain but it is unavoidable.

Reread that: Pain is unavoidable.

Therefore a parents job is not to deflect as much pain as possible for their child(ren).
It FEELS like it is our job. It FEELS like the right thing to do but it is not.
And here's why I believe that....

Of all the things comedian Jerry Seinfeld has said, this has to be the most meme-worthy.

 "Pain is knowledge rushing in to fill a gap"

Pain is knowledge.
Moments of discomfort teach us.
Agony coaches us.
Wounds prepare us.
Troubles sharpen us.
Aches inspire us.
Injury trains us.

I have a thesaurus ... I could go on and on...

If we could ever get to a point where - when we experience pain - we didn't RESPOND but PAUSE we might find we've been given a moment
to learn something - let our children learn something.

And knowledge my friend is power.

Good luck today, because none of us can escape or outmaneuver pain.
It's coming.
Might as well learn something from it.

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