Monday, March 16, 2015

Why Toddlers are Easier than Teenagers

We've got a battle of the wills happening over here.
Also, I'm out numbered.
Wait, scratch that. I've always been outnumbered seeing as how I have 5 children.
But it's different now that 3 of them are teenagers.
Gone are the days when the worst thing I had to do was change diaper blow-outs while nursing twins.
Now of my 3 teenagers
1 is on the brink of turning 20
and 2 of them are literally bigger than me.

They're all cute till puberty hits.

And all 3 of them - every. single. one. - is bristling against my parenting. Which, unlike when they were toddlers, I can no longer put them down for nap time when they are being naughty.

Apparently, Call of Duty deserves their undivided attention and over flowing trash cans are irrelevant. Homework is optional and bad attitudes are prevalent. Personal hygiene is over rated and while, we all love eating the food that appears in the kitchen every day, 3 times a day, none wants to actually assist in the preparation, or heaven forbid, load a dishwasher post consumption. And the wi-fi? Wi-fi is a very sensitive subject.
It seems there's not enough to go around to our 10 DEVICES.

Toddlers never fight for access to SnapChat. Or threaten to draw blood if too many people are streaming. 

I know why moms have gone on strike. I get it.
The under-appreciation I often feel is practically catastrophic to my mental status.
However, I feel worse than taken for granted.
I feel ....


"Oh, Mom!" 
"Are you on Netflix?"
"What's for dinner?" followed by eye rolling and "Ew" noises.
"Never mind, anyway. We weren't talking to you."

Now, I don't get my value from my family's affirmation. I mean, I'm so cool, they don't even know.
No! What I'm talking about is the little disrespect and dismissiveness that has crept in our interactions. 
A. I don't like it
B. I'm really tired of it, and
C. if I weren't so stubborn, I'd go to my bedroom, shut the door and let the mutiny take charge.

Except I'm so, so stubborn.
I'm THE mom.
And these birds haven't left MY nest yet.
And they are so not ready to fly on their own. So I don't pull the covers over my head. Instead I roll up my sleeves, unplug the router (gasp!) and make them sit down to the dining room table and study.

I'm not popular here, people.
But (sigh) I can handle it.
I don't like it, but like I said, I can handle it.

I just wish parenting was, I don't know, a little more fun sometimes.
Can anybody relate out there? Am I on my own? How does one survive teenagers? 

Maybe if they would just crawl up on my lap for a cuddle everybody would feel better. But teenagers don't crawl, and they certainly aren't into cuddling with their mommy. 

Just another reason why toddlerhood is better than the teenage years. 

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