Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Years Eve Eve

Tomorrow is New Years Eve.
Tomorrow I will celebrate as I've done for many, many New Years. 

But, I suspect, this New Years will be a little different.  For the first time, in a long time, I'm happy for the turning of the calendar. This year I'm not kissing the old goodbye with a raised middle finger and a "Bite me!" attitude, as much as I am opening my arms to embrace the new. I have a sense of hope for the new year. Dread is not my party companion this NYE and that is a good feeling.

New jobs are in store for us this year. And with that who knows what else? New friends? A new locale? Anything is possible.

Anything is possible! I can say that this year with confidence but you should know, I didn't say that last year, or the year before, or even the year before that. 

So! That means things change. Things can change. As they should. As they do. We change: physically, mentally. Jobs change. Friendships change. The day changes to night. The winter to spring. All of it changes.

So to believe "it will never change" isn't true. To get stuck in the dreary disbelief that nothing will ever change, this is how it will always be, therefore I have no hope, isn't true.  At all.  Everything changes and as long as that remains we can always have hope. 

So until you get a New Years eve worthy of a fine celebration, keep looking forward.  Move toward your hopes and dreams. Don't stop. Because things do shift, change will come, and hope doesn't disappoint. 

Bye 2014! Hello 2015! 

True story- the one NYE when I was lonely and feeling friendless is how our Family New Years Eve party began. You can read about it here 

Also, for more on how to get past 2014 check out Donald Miller's post Creating Your Life Plan pdf here:

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