Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Words. Again.

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Last week I confessed my love for words.

Let me tell you how I start my work day.... 

Recently I went from a flexible, part-time, one-woman office to a full time, small staff environment. Being a big girl, and recognizing my unique personality traits (thank you Birkman), I anticipated some challenges in the transition.

I mean, of course, there was the demand on my time and learning to adjust family life with my new schedule - which as a mom of 5 kids was intensely stressful. But those are the exterior things. I knew internally - in me - I would have to transition as well. 

So? I turned to words. And my friends.

Some folks journal. Some read devotionals. I collect words. And I wondered if my friends did too. So I asked them to send me their favorite words and I penned, cropped & app'd those words into a journal of my own. Now every morning when I arrive to the office, before the phone can ring, before a request can be made, before I turn on the coffee pot, (gasp!) I read my book.

My book has quotes.
It has scripture.
It has a greeting card my honey sent to me in the mail that says he's proud of me and he loves me.

I took all those words, the love and support of my friends, and made my own book.
A book I read every morning. A book authored by those who root for me. 

So if you're one of the ones who contributed to my book, I can't thank you enough for sharing your inspiration and wisdom. It means so much. To anyone who could use an encouragement read on to see a sample of my morning reading material. 

And if you'd like to apply this idea in any way in your own world. Do It! I got the inspiration from Justin Zoradi, a Storyline blogger. (read his post here)

Words are powerful. Try applying them in some way in your life and perhaps your soul, like mine, will feel the soothing balm a well arranged strand of words can bring.

Here's my favorite quotes from my Morning Book:

Do you have a favorite-get-you-through-a-tough-day quote? Please share! I would love to add it to my book!

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