Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I love to collect words.

My favorite apps on my phone are the ones that allow me to add words to my photos.

I simply adore words.
And when they are well arranged I tend to fall in love with them.

Last year I fell in love with this quote:

This one was hard for me as I, especially the last few years, have considered myself a recipient of other's blessings more than I've actually been a blessing. Call it a dry season or whatever. What I know is that a lot of people have fallen out of my life but the few who remained, who didn't run away when they saw my ugly cry, who bought my coffee and lent me their ear ... I am convinced, CONVINCED, they have been a bigger blessing to me than I could ever be to them.

And I lived grateful to them everyday in every prayer.

But what if this is true? What if I could possible be as valuable to someone else as that someone else was to me?

Do you know how hard it is to allow yourself to feel .... valuable?

I'm valuable?

I'm valuable!

Last week I called a friend so I could process a stressful event. I was near tears. I told her my story, she listened and was a comforting voice in my ear. 

I looked to the sky and breathed a mental prayer of thanks for her in my life. And in that split second that I reflected on her value in my life, I choose believe our friendship was mutual.

So? I asked. 
I said, "How are you?"

and there was a long pause. The kind that if you're listening closely you hear the span of pain in the silence.

Turns out she had a story to tell too. She needed to process. She needed a friend, too.

I could have hung up thanking God for her. She made me feel better and truthfully, I was really focused on myself in that moment. I wanted to linger in the comfort her words blanketed over me. But instead, that morning I choose to believe that we were a blessing to each other. Not just she to me.

What if we treated all our valuable relationships this way? What if we choose to believe people appreciated us as much as we appreciate them? Could you dare believe you are that valuable?

Because you are.

Oh yes. You most certainly are. 

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