Thursday, May 1, 2014

God is an Author (Italy Presentation 3)

I have been sharing in pieces (read the Intro here & here) parts of my presentation from the EMERGENCE women's conference I attended in Bari, Italy earlier this year. 

Here, the presentation continues with my belief that evidence exists pointing to the fact that God is an author. 

Which is pretty cool since I'm totally into learning about story & story elements. Heck, it's even why I titled my blog To Write a Better Story. 

I believe story to be very important. In fact, it might be the MOST important form of communication. 
We tell stories over coffee.
Book and movies are stories.
I call my friends and tell them a story about my day/my kids/my job.
That's a story.
I write, here on this blog, stories.
Everywhere, anywhere we communicate you'll find story.

It's been this way since the beginning of time.
In fact, I think God invented story. I even looked for a verse to prove my point. I found that Hebrews 12:2 refers to Jesus Christ as the author of our faith. And if one conveniently referenced scripture isn't enough, think about the first line written in the book of Genesis; "In the beginning ..." It totally reminds me of "Once upon a time". Then page after page, the book is chock-full of stories.

I looked up the definition of author. An author is someone who has an original idea or plan.
Is God the first one to ever record a story? Well, as the creator of time (and fish and birds and water and the moon, but not in that order) and characters (Adam & Eve, of course) He created an opportunity for a story!
So story has existed since the beginning.
And story still lives on today!
I'm writing a story now.
I told a story in Italy.
Story transcends time. It grows and snowballs. It gets retold. It exists and lives and breathes and transforms and inspires. God then, may have created this world to be the very location where the most beautiful love story of all eternity could take place.
Perhaps that's why in all the stories we love we can identify a delicately woven, common thread of hope and sacrifice.

Didn't sisters Elsa and Anna show us that true love, even in the midst of a frozen curse, is sacrifice?
But we knew that from Aslan and Les Miserables, Romeo and Juliet and the Crimson Tide swimmer who just days ago held up a basement wall so his fiance could survive a deadly tornado outbreak in Alabama.

These are all stories born out of the great story He is telling. What a miraculous and beautiful reminder of God's everlasting love for you. It means He set a story in motion that winds down through the ages, in different characters and in different decades to remind us of the power of love and hope.

This is good news! Since we can trust He is the same forevermore, I can conclude that if He had the foresight to invent and tell the first story, that today He continues to write. In addition, if He WAS a good author than He STILL IS a good author.
And if He's writing a story then He could be writing MY story now.

Stories communicate. Stories bind. Stories teach. Stories entertain.
Stories are pivitol.
And a good story, a good page turning, can't put the book down story, is what I desire for all the days of my life.
I used to have no idea what I was asking for when I said I want to live a great story. Now I've studied story elements and man! Whew! Boy was I in for a lesson in character, scene, plot twists and resolutions.

But more on that next time! Stay tuned!

If you'd like to read my presentation "Your story; Is it Being Written the Way You Hoped?" in order it's (to date in 3 parts)
The Struggle
and today's entry God is an Author
I'm honored that you would read them. When I'm done (& if I'm brave enough at the conclusion of my Italy entries I'll post the recording of the event on the blog)!

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