Monday, April 7, 2014

Menu Monday

Here's what is on the Menu at our house.
It's not fancy.
Nor impressive.
But it is planned out and prepared with love.
Its one way I take care of my family.
I hope your kitchen is warm and your table full of those you cheerish.
Feeding my family isn't glamorous but its a responsibility I've learned to do as a way to serve them, nourish and care for them.
Plus, they're always hungry so somebodys got to do it! Bon A Petite!

Sunday - Brunch Enchiladas, Fried Potatoes & Doughnut Holes

Monday - Tacos
  • Nuff said.
Tuesday - Cheddar Chicken.

  • While this is hardly a quick dinner it was FANtastic! Served it up with some mashed potatoes and honey glazed steamed baby carrots. Delish!

Wednesday - Chicken Tenders & blue box macaroni & cheese.

  • I needed a quick dinner and the kids love this.

Thursday - Alfredo Penne.

  • Granted I hide the ingredients from my kids when I make this (they say they don't like ricotta but they don't know what they like). It's super cheesy, full of flavor and reheats well. Sometimes I serve it with these delicious bread sticks.

Friday - Pancakes.
  • Only the kids ate at home and this made them happy. Also, as a joke, you know when you make pancakes and sometimes you get a little drip of batter on the pan and it looks like a pancake the size of penny? I always make this big production about serving those to my kids. I act like it's a huge pancake and hard to flip. It garners giggles every time. Somebody give me an Emmy!

Please check out the OrgJunkie's link up to Menu Plan Monday if you like this sort of thing! I'm adding my blog to it!

And follow me on Pinterest! I have a board for all my family favorites and a board for all the recipes I want to add in to my rotation. If the Tribe likes it I add it to my Recipe Box Board.

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