Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Monopoly-er Falls to the Monopoly-ee

At our house, if given a choice, each of our five children would stay in their pajamas all day in front of a screen.

But as is tradition in our home, we clear our heritage dining room table off (read about our table through my husband's eyes when he guest blogged for me this spring!) and make/bribe/threaten/cajole them into playing family games complete with phrases like: "AND YOU WILL HAVE FUN!"

Counterproductive, I know.

Nonetheless, during our recent Christmas break, Dad let the twins play their first, totally unassisted, game of Monopoly.

That is - they were on their own. No more cutting the little girls some slack and NO easy trades.
Nope, if they wanted to play, it was about time they put their big girl pants on and joined the every-man-for-himself-do-or-die gamers attitude my loved ones tend to carry.

Welcome to the family.

And wouldn't you know it - the little girls gave Dad a run for his money. Literally.

There was so much smack talking happening I just had to get out my camera.

But, shh! don't tell the kids that they were completely engaged in some hard core math lessons throughout the game.

At one point a deal was struck that caused a riotous hug between sisters.

But in the end, Dad didn't win. He's been knocked off his KingPin throne by a couple of freshman, hotel laden, slum lords.


The tides have turned, Pop. The tides have indeed turned.

At least he was a good sport!

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