Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I've not been one to suffer from Cabin Fever.

Typically, I rather enjoy the cozy, hot chocolate, cuddle under a blanket season that is winter.
In fact, I would say I embrace all the seasons, finding joy in the variety each brings.

I'm blessed to live in the heart of the Midwest, where spring is beautiful, summer is enjoyable, autumn is bright and winter is white.

And this winter has been very white.
Our first snowfall came a week before Christmas and today, January 29th, it remains on the ground.
As most of the country, we've suffered through:
record lows this winter,
harsh winds,
and a nearly maddening amount of school cancellations.

And for the first time in my life I have a most severe case of Cabin Fever.

Online my tweets and updates have been snarky, during this Polar Vortex Plunge. Being stuck inside with four, grumpy, Xbox un-sharing, endlessly hungry, won't get dressed kids have set my teeth on edge.

Tonight, as I sent them all upstairs to prepare for school tomorrow, I took time while cleaning the kitchen to breathe in and breathe out.
And I prayed for peace.

I wanted to pray that winter would be over.
I wanted to ask Old Man Winter to apologize to me.
I'm even tempted to wish I was somewhere else. With someone else.

But I didn't.
Because seasons are.

Seasons can't be changed. You can't bribe or con your way out.
I can't manipulate winter to leave
or be kind
or quit before its fulfilled its purpose.

Winter will be done when winter is done.

So then the only thing that needs to change is me.
And my tolerance of winter.

I think it's this way with the other seasons of our life too.
I want to think I could push my way through.
I could talk my way in.
I could work harder to get out.
Force open closed doors.
Until I get sick (of it).

But it won't make the season change any faster.
I'll be in my 40's till I'm in my 50's.
I was a stay at home mom until I wasn't.

They wane and wax.
They come and go.
They are fluid and keep moving.

Why complain about the season?
Why take issue with it?
Why spend my energies changing it? Shortening it? Cheating it?

It's a season.
It is.
Until it isn't.

"What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?"
John Steinbeck

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