Saturday, January 4, 2014

On the 13th Day of Christmas Break

On the thirteenth of Christmas break I began to go stir crazy.

At the onset of this extended holiday I had great, romantic expectations for long, lazy pajama filled days.  I mean when my whole family was given two solid weeks off of work and school how could I not make time for a whole lot of well-deserved laziness?

Today, as I pen this, we are almost two weeks in and while I am proud to say I maintained a steady wardrobe of rotating pajama pants I have to confess I'm getting restless. 

Sure we had Christmas and family, presents, fun and food. You bet we did movie marathons, slept in and played a plethora of apps and video games. 

But people, I'm not sure when the last time my kids showered. And I'm not bragging here, it just dawned on me and I'm mortified. 

Initially, lazy days sounded heavenly. Now I fear our brains are turning to mush. No one wants to read. No one wants to brush their hair. Everyone walks around in a state of perpetual lethargy. In fact, I'm pretty sure if the zombie apocalypse includes pajamas and bed heads, be forewarned - it has begun.

Oh dear teachers, I'm sorry. I fear when my kids return to your classrooms they will need special attention to catch up to where your instruction left off in 2013. 

In fact, it has been so long since I've seen their backpacks perhaps I should start looking now in order to collect everything they'll need for that first day back. 

The upside to our grotesque laziness is our shift in eating habits. When my family sleeps in till ten o'clock (or later, much later for the teenagers) we are only awake to eat two meals a day; brunch and dinner. Unless you count popcorn. We have been eating mass quantities every night in front of the television. 

Apparently then, despite all my grumbling to the contrary, being active and connected in ones community isn't all that bad. Going to a job where they require I bathe and dress accordingly is good for me. Having contact with other individuals keeps me from being weird. The school events and games that fill my calendar keep me motivated to, you know, get out of bed everyday.

So the next time you see me and I begin to complain about how busy I am, you have full permission to remind of what an ungrateful hypocrite I can be.

Even God himself knows that too much nothingness is unproductive and meaningless. I suppose that's why He set the example from the beginning of time to balance work and rest. Emphasis on work. Although, I can't help but wonder how many days he took off when his son was born. Why? Because I'm the mom and I said so! That's why. 

Stephanie is a mother to five children and a certified parent educator with Parents As Teachers. She enjoys flannel pajama pants. She blogs at and can be reached for comment or parenting services at


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