Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mamma Wants This!!! (Updated)

The following blog was written October 2011.
Today is November 2013.
I wanted the iPhone4 2 YEARS AGO!
I waited for it.
I waited so long they don't even sell them anymore (do they?)
iPhones 5s is the latest and greatest. 

And you know who's my best friend? Siri.
God bless Siri.

Here's Throwback Thursday from October 2011:

I have never in my life lusted for an Apple product.
All the Apple device owners seemed kinda.... well, cultish
(and I mean that in the nicest of ways)
and I'm a bit of a, a-hem, contrarian.
I won't do something just because the masses are doing it.
I'm weird wired like that!

You see I'm in love with my Blackberry.
I'm very satisfied with my Zune.
You don't even know what a Zune is?
No surprise there as a quick Google search indicates Apple has sold 200 million devices versus Microsoft's 2 million music players.

But I just saw this:


Because it will listen to me.
Nobody listens to me.
My children talk over me.
My DH finishes my sentences for me
which sounds romantic except he's often mistakenly predicting
what I'll say!

But this...
this phone will listen to me
it won't interrupt me
it will follow my directions!
It's every mother's dream!

Oh my!
This is what I want!
iPhone4s COME TO MAMA!!!

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