Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Get Off My Homemade Back!

I've spent a little bit of time in my life taking a few punches. Maybe you have too.

"Of course these are homemade." "You're house is allll-ways clean."
"You make your kids breakfast in the morning!?"

These are rarely said as a compliment.
There is a tone to them that communicates, "B!tch, why you gotta make the rest of us look bad?"

Listen to my words; I'm not trying to make anybody look bad.

Get off my homemade back!
I'm just trying to take care of my tribe here, ladies.
My homemade cookies have NOTHING to do with you.
I like to bake.
My family likes to eat.

I'm not so super sensitive to it now - I mean, I'm getting better about not letting those comments get to me but there was a day when I would dumb myself down so others wouldn't accuse me of being super-mom.

As if doing my best for my family was bad.
How messed up is that?

I'm getting older - maybe more mature - and I'm learning not to puff myself up OR hide who I am either. This is who I am ... like me and we can be friends.
Jealous or threatened? Oh well.

I'm still gonna bake.
Plan a menu.
Write a blog.
And be me.

And me likes birthday's! It's my daughter's birthday and as is our family tradition we brought out the Birthday Banner, decorated the table and made her favorite meal. I also made her birthday cake.

I tried a new recipe (no thanks to you Pinterest!)
well, it's not pretty.

My cake stuck in the pan.
I accidentally put in 1 1/3 cup milk instead of 1/3 into the chocolate icing.

In other words, not my best bake job.

So there you have it.
My kid's birthday cake sucks.

I've never pretended to be awesome mom.
I don't even think the perfect mother exists.

I do think each of us have a responsibility to try to do and be our best for our family and at the end of the day put your head on your pillow and sleep well knowing you gave it your best shot.

And if you didn't ... well, try again tomorrow.
But don't take down the chic who likes to cook.
Because my cakes flop too!

are you a target too? Or have you taken a shot at another mom? I'd love to hear your story ....

(I'm a mom of 5 - writing, cleaning, baking, blogging... there are a gazillion blogs out there. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to stop by To Write a Better Story. If you liked it would you please share?  Sharing is nice, dontcha think? XO Stephanie)

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