Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Restaurant Overload

What happens when you get small town folk like us out in the big city?
And we're hungry?

Restaurant overload, that's what! If I lived in civilization I'd be fat. Or fatter.

We live 60 miles from suburbia.
60 miles from Starbucks.
60 miles from a mall.
60 miles from traffic jams.
Most days I like that. - not gunna lie!
Some days I crave art and food and anonymity.
You see, in a small town twenty people will notice your car in the happy meal drive thru and will tell you as much the next time they see you.
I'm so sick of happy meals.

Yet budgeting and time constraints often keep us close to home. However this week we had the pleasure of meeting family in civilization.

Ah! Sweet relief.
It was hard - very hard - to choose where we should go but we in the end Chick-fil-a won us over for lunch. SMALL KNOWN FACT: Chick-fil-a was my first job. It was also the first job from which I was fired. (What?! I couldn't help it! Errol Manning was too cute to NOT give FREE fries to!)

We took pictures as if we were walking into a vacation! ha! it sorta was!

seriously! you never know what you'll find in the big city!

Sonic Happy Hour! Yum!!

I also wished I could have eaten at 
Dunkin Doughnuts
Olive Garden
Red Lobster
Five Guys Burgers
and shopped at The Fresh Market

Maybe next time. I wonder how long it will be before we get out of town again. Sigh ...

If you could eat anywhere, where would it be?

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