Saturday, July 6, 2013

Book Progress

I never thought my first book would be someone else's story. But then again, I never imagined someone would call me on the phone and commission my services either.

I believe in story. In fact, I believe every story can be a good story ... it just depends on the storyteller.

That's why I am nervous. Someone is entrusting me with their story. Trusting that I will tell it, and enrapture you, the reader, with it.

I will do my best.
I am honored to be working on this project with an amazing fella.
He has named it (who is he? I'm not ready to say just yet) Wads 1.

This photo is the origin and inspiration for my part in Wads 1.

After a meeting this week and one scheduled for next Wednesday I am happy, oh so very happy, to report that the project is moving along.

Ladies and gentlemen ... Wads 1

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(My name is Stephanie and writing is what I love. I write weekly pro bono for our town paper (my little kids think I'm famous) and I love this blog. It's title To Write a Better Story is the anthem for my life. My life, the characters, the setting, conflict is all here and real. And while much of it I can't change I have learned that me, the main character, can set out to make it a better story. Some days are terrible. Some days are mundane. Some are even great. But I want to live a page-turner. I want my life story - with all it's ups and downs - to be a great read. A great life. Sharing my writing has always been a dream of mine. Wads1 fell into my lap about six months or so ago. It is exactly the push I needed to believe I am a writer and I have a story to contribute to the world. I am honored. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!)

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